Hey Loonerinos! The defenders of justice and independence, team Liberty, are here to ensure freedom continues to ring throughout the World of Mayhem! This team is equipped with a wide range of Defensive mechanics in its arsenal including multiple types of Crowd Control and protection against anti-Taunt mechanics, Critical Hits, and Damage Over Time. The Liberty Theme passive is a key source of these mechanics and can be doubled with Lola of Liberty’s Legendary Passive. 

Liberty Theme Passive (left) and Lola of Liberty Legendary Passive (right)

Without further ado, the heroes in Red, White, and Blue!



Lola of Liberty has undergone a few changes to prepare for her new role as the Defender for the Liberty team. She now leverages gaining and losing Taunt to increase the team’s survivability by slowing down enemies and reducing their damage potential. Additionally, Lola has gained a new passive that replaces Damage Over Time on your team with Heal Over Time. 

In adjusting to her new position as part of a team, Lola of Liberty’s Modal Passive has been reworked from a self-serving ability to a teamwide one.


Arriving aboard Hare-Force One just in time for the celebrations, please welcome Uncle Sam Bugs! Angered whenever enemies Stun or Silence his allies, this patriotic hare inflicts them back onto the enemy team. His special attack will call all team members to assist, ending in a potential AoE finale! Due to their special relationship, Uncle Sam Bugs will unlock a Stun effect on Lola of Liberty’s special attack and can also help ensure she regains Taunt, even when facing off against Taunt Resistance!


Excited for their new home in the Liberty team, the Rocket Bros have ramped up their damage and utility significantly. Rocket Coyote will now bring Damage Over Time more consistently across his entire kit especially when paired with Rocket Sylvester. A daredevil with a need for speed, Rocket Coyote grants his team several buffs at the start of battle to ensure they can keep up with him. 


Not to be outdone by his Rocket brethren, Rocket Sylvester has upgraded his abilities as well, with a focus on improving Healing and Cleansing. In addition to his special attack now having Heal Over Time, he is also no longer limited to only removing Damage Over Time from his team. Rocket Sylvester now Cleanses Silence and Stun while also Cleansing Stat Downs whenever any Liberty team member takes a turn. His biggest change comes in the form of his main healing ability, Lick Wounds, which has several new effects, most notably a passive trigger against enemy AoE attacks. 

That’s all Folks! We hope you find the Liberty team to be a great new asset to your roster and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on this team on Discord. Happy Mayhem-ing!