Toonsters, Season 29 is all set to begin & here’s what you can expect from the upcoming season:


  • 4 week season
  • 3 new toons
  • No new toon for this season’s Battle Pass

Season Format

New Toons!

She-Devil Bugs (Epic, Attacker, Tasmaniacs, Tasmania)

Available: 20th June 2024 – 4th July 2024

Featured Toons:

She-Devil Bugs (No exchange)Mr. Bugs
Dodo, in Wacknicolor (No exchange)Kitty Ketty
TazSylvester Slaszlo
Tasmanian She-DevilMagus Mallard Daffy (No exchange)
Gendarme Pepe (No exchange)Porky the Giant Killer (No exchange)
Tattletale Tweety (No exchange)Shapeshifter Melissa (No exchange)
Officer Sheepdog (No exchange)Michigan J. Bard (No exchange)
General PandemoniumMaid Melissa
Tweetyosaurus RexFriar Porky
Roadius RunnerusScarlet Tweety
Neanderthal BugsDaffy Hood
Casper CavemanMartian Princess Bugs (No exchange)
Dr. DaffyStarseeker Lola
Hare Hunter PorkyDuck Dodgers
Happy RabbitSpace Cadet
The Do-Do BirdSpace Emperor Marvin (No exchange)
TazinskyOuter Space Yosemite Sam (No exchange)
Daffy MirandaDrone Instant Martian (No exchange)
Jester BugsRanger Dodgers (No exchange)
Zoot Suit DaffyWitch Lezah (No exchange)
Flamenco PrissyBugs the Brave
Penelope CoutureElmer the Sure
Pepe Le BardSylvester the Brash
Yodel Le PewTweety the Twue
Photographer Sylvester (No exchange)Marvin the Marvelous
Foghorn LeghornFoghorn the Invincible
Miss PrissyDaffy the Braver
Egghead Jr.Squire Sylvester Jr. (No exchange)
Henery HawkDorlock Holmes (No exchange)
Barnyard DawgMr. Watkins (No exchange)
Duck AmuckInspector Eggbert (No exchange)
Rabbit RampageJoe Monday
Pianist DaffyBlack Knight Sam

Robo-Taz (Epic, Attacker, Robot, Tasmania)

Available: 27th June 2024 – 4th July 2024

Featured Toons:

Solid Tin CoyoteRevenant Road Runner
Tweet-o-TronYokai Taz
Solid Tin Road RunnerO’Mike
Pitcher BabbitBlack Knight Sam
Major League SpeedyBugs the Brave
Catcher CatstelloElmer the Sure
Monster FoghornSylvester the Brash
Dr. DawgsteinFoghorn the Invincible
Ralph the VampireTweety the Twue
Dr. FrankenbeansMarvin the Marvelous
Mummy RalphDaffy the Braver
Count Bloodcount (No exchange)Squire Sylvester Jr. (No exchange)
Foghorn LeghornSalesduck Daffy (No exchange)
Barnyard DawgBarber Bugs (Bonus)
Miss PrissyRalph Wolf (Bonus)
Henery HawkSam Sheepdog (Bonus)
Egghead Jr.Mail Runner (Bonus)
GossamerConcierge Elmer (Bonus)
Phantom Le PewFireman Bugs (Bonus)
Monster TweetyDr. Killpatient (Bonus)
O’PatForeman Leghorn (Bonus)

Uncle Sam Bugs (Epic, Attacker, Liberty, WB Studios)

Available: 4th July 2024 – 11th July 2024

Featured toons for Uncle Sam Bugs event will be communicated at a later date. 

Abyss of Chills: Cosmic 7’s Pass

This Battle Pass is being called Abyss of Chills: Cosmic 7’s Pass. It will feature Count Bloodcount & Hyde Bugs. You will be able to get CS7 for both the toons. 

Starts on 24th June.