Toonsters, our excitement is out of this world to kick start this new season in the World of Mayhem. Here are some highlights:

  • Our new Space Opera takeover launches during Season 26 on Monday April 1st along with the new Battle Pass.
  • We will be releasing 5 new toons during Season 26 (4 toons + 1 Battle Pass toon)
  • Yosemite Sam of Outer Space’s event is going to be a 2 week event. 
  • The Cosmic Campaign for all the toons released during Season 26 will be held during the first week of Season 27. 

Season 26

New Toons!

Marc Anthony & Pussyfoot (Epic, Attacker, Town, Citizen)

Available: 3/28/24 – 4/4/24

Featured Toons:

Marc Anthony & Pussyfoot (No exchange)Pinky
Magus Mallard Daffy (No exchange)Maid Melissa
Michigan J. Bard (No exchange)Scarlet Tweety
Shapeshifter Melissa (No exchange)Friar Porky
Porky the Giant Killer (No exchange)Daffy Hood
Zombie SamLeBron James
Zombie ChungusCoach Daffy
Zombie GrannyShooter Road Runner
Zombie TazShooter Coyote
Rainbow Bird BeakyShooter Taz
Banshee-DevilBugs Bunny (Bonus)
Baba Yaga HazelPepe Le Pew (Bonus)
Issun-Boshi SpeedyPorky Pig (Bonus)
Vintage PorkyHector (Bonus)
Picnic PetuniaPenelope (Bonus)
Gabby GoatTweety (Bonus)

Drone Instant Martian (Epic, Attacker, Space, Martian Empire)

Available: 4/4/24 – 4/11/24 

This event does not use the featured toons structure. 

Space Emperor Marvin (Legendary, Defender, Space, Martian Empire)

Available: 4/11/24 – 4/18/24

Featured Toons:

Space Emperor Marvin (No exchange)Babyface Finster
Ranger Dodgers (No exchange)Rocky
Drone Instant Martian (No exchange)Mugsy
Ninja RalphStar-Pharaoh Marvin
Hitman CrusherMarvin
Space Runner CanastaK-9
Shinobi TweetyArchon Elmer
Evil GrannyM4RV1N
Sorceress PetuniaStar-Pharaoh Daffy
Supersonic HopperBugs Bunny (No exchange)
Nova BunnyLola (No exchange)
The RapthcallionPorky Pig (No exchange)
Don HeneryElmer Fudd (No exchange)
Racketeer RabbitYosemite Sam (No exchange)

Yosemite Sam of Outer Space (Epic, Attacker, Space, Martian Empire)

Available: 4/18/24 – 5/2/24

Featured toons for this event will be communicated at a later date. 

Cosmic Campaign

The Cosmic Campaign for Season 26’s toons will be held during the first week of Season 27. We will share more info closer to the start of the event. 

Battle Pass

Ranger Dodgers (Epic, Support, Space, Martian Empire)

The new Battle Pass will start on Monday, April 1st. Along with the brand new Space Opera takeover. Stay tuned for more info!