Hello Toonsters,

As we mentioned last year, we’ve been slowly increasing the number of toons required to defend (and therefore attack) each structure. This has been happening every full rotation of our 6 War Maps, with every 3rd Map having increased requirements than the previous 2. 

As a reminder, the main goal with these changes is to add more value to having a larger collection and keep up with our ever-increasing roster of toons. At the same time, attacking the same structure becomes more interesting as different teams are defending that structure.

At the current time, we’ve just finished Rotation 4 and are in the Enlistment phase of the first Map of Rotation 5. As such, we’d like to share with you the current plan for our next rotations and beyond.

This is how our last rotation, Rotation 4, looked like:

This is how Rotation 5, which will last until June as it cycles through all 6 Maps, will look like:

And finally this is how Rotation 6 and beyond will look like:

While we’re increasing the number of teams needed to defend each structure, we’re also decreasing the number of times each of them must be defeated. The total health of each structure is getting higher, but battles will be overall less repetitive and more varied.

We understand this may increase the pressure on players’ collection at first, but Rotation 6 will be the new normal. Over time, as more new toons are released and older toons become more widely available (by being featured in Events as they do currently), that pressure will ease for most players. Though this may change in the future, we currently have no plans to increase the requirements further after Rotation 6. What we are discussing internally, though no decision has been made yet, is to relax the Theme Restrictions on Cannons and Regional Towers, allowing more toons to be set on defense for each of those structures.

Note that we don’t expect every Alliance to be able to put only fully upgraded toons on all structures. Choosing which teams to upgrade and which of them to use on defense vs. attack is part of the choices we want players to make. We purposely grant the same rewards on Big or Medium maps for the same reason: we want map size to be a choice rather than a requirement for higher rewards.

Updates – 4/8/24

Following player feedback, we’re making two key updates to the wars.

Firstly, we’re reducing the required Check-ins for maximum rewards from 30 to 27, allowing for greater flexibility and ensuring maximum rewards even with occasional absences for Alliances that want to play on the Small maps

Secondly, we’re broadening the theme options for each region starting with Map 3, to allow more diversity & flexibility. Full list of allowed themes will be released closer to the map 3 war which is in July.