Welcome to another entry in our Roadmap of Mayhem series!

Following the recent release of Alliance Wars Refresh, Tune Up 48 and Safes, we are excited to discuss upcoming changes in the following areas:

  • Technical Issues: We’re aware that our players suffer from a large number of technical issues, whether on a day-to-day basis or when a new release is pushed out. We’re definitely concerned about these issues and will be prioritizing them.
  • Relieve bottlenecks and unwanted frustration: You’ve been voicing your opinion about some specific elements of progression being too slow and time-sensitive, causing more frustration than joy.
  • What is next for the game? Share a preview of new content and major events coming next quarter.

Let’s get into it.

Focus on Stability

It is no secret that the game has suffered multiple live issues during the last month. We are very aware of this and although the team has responded quickly on every issue, we aspire to a higher standard of quality for our Live Service. We have taken immediate steps to improve stability, some of which you may have noticed:

The first of which has been to slow down our release cadence, in order to improve quality and reduce operational complexity and associated risk. The second has been to focus on releasing critical fixes:

Recently Fixed

These fixes are already live. We are listing them here for transparency.

  • Calendars appearing too frequently (blocking gameplay) or not appearing at all (purchased calendars going missing)
  • Structures getting locked in Alliance War for the full invasion
  • Counter-attack related issues in Battle
  • Crash protection / Resume battle deployed for Alliance War

Fix Coming with Update 44.0

  • Screen flickering that requires app restart

Later this year

  • Crash protection / Resume battle for Arena
  • Wrong multipliers applied to War rewards for few members of an alliance
  • Fighting against multiple copies of the same bot in Arena
  • Less than expected Masks rewarded for winning Arenas when battling against bots


These changes will come over multiple updates, starting with version 44.0 next month. Our goal is for each one to be immediately perceivable and an improvement towards your day-to-day play experience. We will be specifically announcing the included fixes with each new release for transparency and looking forward to your feedback.

10 Economy Changes

There are a lot of changes here, with the overall spirit following the “Resolve Bottlenecks and unwanted frustration” mantra.


1. Reduce open time to 10h from 12h
This change makes opening Safes significantly less time-sensitive, giving you a two-hour window to claim before your next wave starts and ensuring a full hour to fill your banks.

2. Enable next-wave preview at all times
We will be updating Safes to appear via a single event per day with 6 waves (every 4h) compared to the current 1x event every 4 hours with a single wave. Practically, this means two things; (1) the Safe card will remain visible at all times, indicating when the next wave will be active and (2) safes will be guarded by the same bots on a given day of the week.

3. Allow choice between 2 bot teams per wave
We will be introducing a second possible Safe defending team per day, giving you a choice.

4. Added a push notification when a Safe is almost ready to Open.
✅ Live since March 23 and hopefully helping you miss fewer Safe waves without setting your own reminders.


4. Increase atom conversion rate by 2x
We are doubling the number of Atoms you earn from every single excess character piece. For example, a Common CP will convert to 2x Atoms (from 1x) while a Legendary CP will pay out 20x (from 10x). This change will significantly speed up your progression toward Tune-Up 45 and help with removing Atoms as the primary bottleneck for attaining Tune-Up 48.


5. Ensure Ranked Matchmaking for Maps 3 and 6 (War Escalation)
This has been the original intention for War Escalation but somehow fell through the cracks. Ranked Matchmaking means that all randomness is removed from the matchmaking process, ensuring that Alliances are matched in absolute order of strength. These are going to be the toughest wars, but also the fairest.

6. Update War Pass to guarantee 1x Pirate Ticket per Plunder Campaign Win (from Chance)
An obvious improvement that doesn’t really need any commentary.

7. Update Retry Battle limit to 1 retry per battle (from 3)
This change lowers the number of allowed retries per battle, to reduce intentionally restarting the app in the hopes to get another shot at the same battle. From our data, we are confident that the single allowed retry is enough to mitigate most if not all crashes.


8. Change back Masks in play to +-50 from +-25
The change to max 25 Masks won per Arena introduced during the most recent reset slowed down League progression more than intended, so we are restoring it to its original number. Go forth and promote to higher Leagues!

9. Add 24h preview to the upcoming basic arena (for the next reset)
So that Arena doesn’t seem missing while League reset is in progress.


10. Reduce the requirement to earn the final reward to 30 Punch-ins (from 48).
This change is meant to reinforce the ability of alliances to choose how many members they want to lead. Following the latest Alliance War update, where the Medium Map started paying out the same rewards as the Large Map, this was a natural next step. We have similar plans for Alliance R&D, to close the loop.


These changes are scheduled to go live as soon as possible. As soon as one is ready and tested, we will be shipping it live, without waiting for all 10 changes to be ready as a chunk. The first changes are expected to go live during the first week of April and all will be live during Q2 (April – June).

Major Takeover Event in April

Help Daffy celebrate himself during his birthday month as his Ego takes over the World of Mayhem itself.

Daffy takes over Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem to celebrate his birthday, his much-deserved talent, and show off his capacity to do whatever and be whomever he wants. Except “The Animator” keeps pranking him throughout the event, leading to an epic Boss Battle! This is…

ACME Fools: World of Daffy


Collect 5 new characters and battle a new Boss during the 5-week takeover event launching on April 3rd.

Alliance R&D: New Boss

Daffy’s actions massive Ego has consequences; straight out of the ruptured 4th wall, a New Boss appears.

The 4th Alliance R&D Boss joins the fray, bringing with them the most competitive attitude.


Breaking out of the box on May 8, 2023 during the finale of ACME Fools: World of Daffy.

That’s All Folks

tl;dr Fixes and a nice list of economy changes to improve your quality of life, as well as a huge, exciting event about our second most popular Looney Tunes character, leading up to the introduction of a brand new Boss. We are very excited about these changes and are looking forward to your feedback over at our Discord server.