Starting February 24, you will be able to strengthen the characters of your choice past Tune Up 45, increasing their core stats!

Tune Up to 48

Increase your HP, Defense, and Attack stats!

  • The stat increases follow the established curves.
  • Legendary toons gain 10% stats per Tune Up, Epic gain 15%, Rare 20%, while Common gain 25%.

We are simplifying the requirements to Tune Up past 45. All you need is Gold, Atoms, and WB Charms, a brand-new material.

But where does one find WB Charms?


Steal Safes from Brawl to collect WB Charms.

  • Once placed in your Bank, Safes can’t be stolen, so you are guaranteed to open them once the timer reaches 0.
  • Safes can only be attacked and opened by TU45+ toons. The teams defending them are very strong, so be prepared!
  • Safes are available to steal starting on Disintegrator League. There are 3 Safe Tiers, available at higher trophy ranges, with better rewards.
  • Safes drop every 4 hours, are available for 1 hour and require 12 hours to open.
  • Different teams will defend Safes on different days. You will need multiple teams to keep your Banks full.

The journey to TU48 is intended to take a meaningful amount of time. WB Charms – and Safes – act as a time-gate. As such, WB Charms are rarely sold and in very limited amounts. The best way to stay ahead is to open Safes consistently.
– Developer Note

Brawl Crate Changes

We are doubling rewards in all Crates.

  • In addition, we are reducing the total amount of Crate tiers from 9 to just 3.
  • The current Tier 7, 8 and 9 Crates will now be replaced by the new Tier 3. This change will reward more tune-up materials to lower-level players, faster.

We are taking this chance to alleviate some Tune Up bottlenecks given the current pace of the game. In addition, since Crates will compete for Bank space with Safes, we wanted to make banking Crates feel more rewarding.
– Developer Note

TU48 Launch & Celebration Event

Tune Up 48 is officially launching on Friday, Feb 24, with a week-long celebration event! The Tune Up 46+ upgrades will be previewed a few days earlier, while Safes will start appearing in Brawl starting on Feb 24.

During the celebration event, earn additional WB Charms and Atoms from a dedicated Campaign, Quests, and Tournament.

The TU48 Celebration Event will be available alongside this season’s Cosmic Event, so you won’t be missing out on your Cosmic Star progress.

That’s all folks!

Looking forward to reading your thoughts and feedback on our Discord community.