Hello there, loonerinos.

The second Arena Championship is coming to its end and a new Championship kicks off on March 13 at 4 pm UTC! Heads up, Basic Arena will take a 24-hour break, while the Reset happens.

Much like the last reset, look forward to receiving End of Championship rewards.

You have a few more days to make a push for a higher Arena League and earn better End-Of-Championship rewards!

Mask Reset

  • Like last time, players above Emerald 5 will have their Masks get reset back down and be given the chance to claim promotion rewards again
  • Masks per win will be reduced by half to balance run-offs a bit better. It will now take about 55 days to climb to Diamond from Emerald 5 (or two-thirds of the Championship’s duration)

New Championship toons

  • A new list of toons to select from in Arena brings a brand new meta. See the list below
  • [Arriving with Update 44.0]: Improved Championship filters and Preview upcoming Champ toons
OperaAnti Hero
Nice ListSnow Bandit
LunarGo Kart
KnightM***** (New Theme)
PirateF********(New Theme)
M4RV1NCalavera Speedy
Select from over 120 recent and classic characters available to compete in Arena League!

From Road Walker’s Desk

We have an exciting selection of characters for the 3rd Arena Championship. The recent meta provides a lot of options for strong Defenses and we have balanced out the selection with a nice set of Offensive options that can “resolve” them. The upcoming Event Seasons also give us the opportunity to include soon-to-be reworked toons from fan favorite teams. We predict using and dealing with Damage Immunity will be a key factor in succeeding in the next Championship.