Folks of Mayhem,

In this article, you will find the structure and information for the 3rd Season. Our apologies for the delay.

The event format will be similar to Season 2.
If we consider it necessary, more changes could be implemented with each Toon release during the season.

Here you can find the changes we applied for now on Season 3 compared to Season 2:

  • We will release 3 toons instead of 4. (Toxic Destroyer, GI Bugs, Motor Cowboy)
  • During the last week of the season we will run a Cosmic Star Campaign
  • We decreased the number of battles. For the Toxic Destroyer event, we removed Acts 7-10 from each campaign and the quests and rewards tied into completing those acts.

We will release the following new toons!

We will feature Accelerator Events for a specific new toon before releasing a new toon event. Nothing changed from Season 2.

During the accelerator events, you will be able to obtain precious materials, tune-ups, and character pieces for featured toons (excluding character pieces of the new toon). 

Toxic Destroyer (Epic Attacker; Anti-Hero)

You can find the full blog article about Toxic Destroyer here at this link.

GI Bugs ( Legendary Attacker; Victory)

Motor Cowboy (Epic Attacker; Anti-Hero)

Battle Pass

Battle Pass: Playboy Penguin

Featured Toons of Season 3

Toxic DestroyerGI BugsMotor Cowboy
Zombie SamLion Tamer ElmerEl Espectro
Mummy RalphCannonball CoyoteEl Relámpago
Dr. FrankenbeansHigh Dive SamThe Taz-Mania
Ralph the VamphireSword Swallower She-DevilThe Masked Terror
Monster FoghornForeman LeghornQB Daffy
Dr. DawgsteinSam SheepdogHenery Hike
Anubis K-9Dr. KillpatientGridiron Gossamer
Athena PetuniaFireman BugsBaseball Bugs
Hermes Road RunnerMail RunnerCheerleader Wile E
Henery HorusFriar PorkyReferee Foghorn

As we mention above. We could apply other changes to events’ structure during the developement of the season.

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