Job Description:
– Being able to crash yourself on a wall at the highest speed
– Preventing demolition workers from doing their job
– Lose your carefully crafted costume some trillion times per week 
– Joining an exciting vacation to the Moon

Wait a second! I know the perfect duck for this position: this is a job for Stupor Duck! 

Read to learn all the details about this 7-day event kicking off Friday!

The Epic defender Stupor Duck is here! Let’s take a look at the highlights of this 1-week event.

  • Event Token: Stupor Cape, Stupor Suit & Catalyst Token
  • Event & Season Energy: Season 2 Energy. Used for all events during Season 2.

Featured Toons, for the event:

Stupor Duck Anti-Hero

Ronin Canasta
The Pig Kahuna πŸ“¦
Witchdoctor Hazel πŸ“¦
Black Knight Sam
Nasty Canasta
Devil Dog
Witch Hazel
Evil Granny
The Rapthcallion πŸ“¦
Nova Bunny πŸ“¦
Supersonic Hopper

πŸ“¦ : Characters exclusive to the Stupor Crates Mini-Event!

Overall Structure

Unlock and max Epic Defender Stupor Duck as you engage in multiple limited-time events around the game over the week.

Collect limited time Event Tokens (Stupor Cape) to exchange for Featured Toon Character Pieces. The Event Campaign provides a path to Character Pieces and Tune Up Materials for Stupor Duck.

Stupor Duck

Thanks to his skill Almost Had Him he deals 100% damage to target enemy, granting Antihero team members Defense Up. With his passive skill Stupor Strength, instead, while he has Taunt, whenever an ally is damaged, he inflicts the attacking enemy with 3 Attack Down. Also, enemies above 90% Max Health that attack this toon are inflicted with Weakened.

Stupor Duck Campaign

Serving as the progression anchor of the event, new battles invite you to unlock and strengthen your Stupor Duck, leveraging the wide selection of featured toons. Opens on Day 1 and available for the full 7 days of the event along with new campaigns on day 3 and 5.

Stupor Duck Campaign:

  • 7-Day Event
  • Requires Season 2 Energy. This Energy is for all events during Season 2 , but behaves very much like Campaign Energy
  • Play for Stupor Duck Character Pieces (First Time rewards), Event tokens and Tune Up Materials
  • For more engagement, the event will start with an Easy Campaign, then new Medium and Hard Campaigns will be released as the event progresses with each new campaign having better rewards.
    • The Easy Campaign will run from 3rd of June (6 pm UTC) until 10th of June (6 pm UTC)
    • The Medium Campaign will run from 5th of June (6 pm UTC) until 10th of June (6 pm UTC)
    • The Hard Campaign will run from 7th of June (6 pm UTC) until 10th of June (6 pm UTC)
  • On the final act of the campaign (Act 10), you will be required to earn three stars in order to advance.

Season 2 Energy Details

  • 100 Season 2 Energy Maximum
  • Players will start with the remaining energy left from the previous event
  • Recharge 1 energy every 6 minutes
  • Refresh Cost:Β 50 gems (4 times), then 100 gems (4 times), then 200 gems (4 times)
  • Refresh Amount: 100 energy

Login Calendar

The calendar will start the 3rd of June at 6 pm UTC

  • Purchase calendar to unlock daily Catalyst Token rewards
  • Use Catalyst Tokens on exclusive Wheel and Exchanges

IMPORTANT! Catalyst Tokens for the Stupor Duck Event are specific to the event. You should spend them all before the event ends; otherwise, you will lose them.

4 Tournaments

A new tournament starts on day 3 and day 6, cycling between Arena, the new Stupor Crates event and Tower along with an overall Tournament that lasts the full event.

  • A new Stupor Duck Tournament will kick off on Friday and last through 7 days. Collect Character Pieces, Catalyst Tokens, Stupor Capes, and spin the Golden Ticket Wheel to earn Milestone and Rank rewards
  • Engage in the Arena and Tower and crack open Stupor crates during the respective tournaments to earn milestones and move up in the ranks.
  • The Brawl Tournament is part of the Stupor Crates mini-event, starting on Sunday.

Mini-Event: Stupor Crates!

Steal Stupor Crates for Gold League Medals, and Stupor Suits used on exchanges for Scoundrel or Villain Character Pieces during this brand new mini-event:


Live Sunday (5th of June) through Tuesday!

  • Steal Stupor Crates to earn Stupor Suits
  • Stupor Crates have a 4-6h timer and three tiers
  • Stealing a Stupor Crate requires Stupor Duck and Featured toons, while defending it requires any 2 Featured Toons. The requirements increase with each Tier
  • Exchange your Stupor Suits for crate exclusive featured toons Pieces + more!
  • Each Stupor Suit is worth points in the Stupor Crate Tournament, earning you Milestone and Rank rewards
  • Tournament Milestone rewards include Stupor Duck Character Pieces, Gold League Medals, Season 2 Energy and more
  • Rank rewards include Catalyst Tokens and Stupor Capes + more

Event Quests

The following quest chains are going to be available throughout the event

  • Collect Featured Toon Character Pieces
  • Power up Stupor Duck
  • Complete Campaigns
  • Collect Catalyst Tokens
  • Spin the Stupor Duck Golden Ticket Wheel

Wheels & Exchanges

  • Golden Ticket Wheel (3rd of June, 6 PM UTC): Hit the Jackpot to earn 1500 – 2000 Stupor Duck Pieces! Guaranteed featured toon Character Pieces
  • Catalyst Wheel (3rd of June, 6 PM UTC): Guarantees Featured Legendary Character Pieces
    • Earn Legendary Character Pieces for Ronin Canasta and Evil Granny
    • Spin with Catalyst Tokens
    • Earn Catalyst Tokens from the Login Calendar, Tournaments, Campaigns, Quests, Exchanges and Store offers
  • Black Ticket Wheel (9th of June, 6 PM UTC): Chance between Stupor Duck and Featured Legendary Pieces!
    • Earn Black Tickets from Exchanges and Store offers
    • Wheel is only available on the last day of the event
  • Direct Exchanges for all Featured toons. Exchange Event tokens for the Characters you need!
    • Stupor Capes Exchanges include: Specific featured toons, Catalyst Tokens and Tune-Up Materials
    • Stupor Suit Exchanges include: Specific featured toons, 1x for Catalyst Tokens, 1x for Black Tickets, 1x for Gadget Tickets, 1x for Tune-Up Tickets, 1x for Gold and 1x for Secret Stuff (these exchanges only available starting on day 3)
    • Catalyst Token Exchanges include: Stupor Duck, Ronin Canasta and Evil Granny Pieces

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