Howdy partner,
As we discussed in the Roadmap of Mayhem, we will be changing up our event pace, in order to give you more time not only to unlock but to max new characters. We will be gradually transitioning into our desired 2-week event pace and the introduction of Seasons.

Road to Seasons

Here’s the full calendar of events leading up to the start of Seasons to help you prepare.

Community Event Celebration, St. Patrick’s Day lead up to Omega Chungus and the Warriors

Community Team Vote Event

What’s this? Well, we never forgot about the Community Vote event, which with all the changes we’ve been implementing, never made it into the final calendar.

To make it all up, we have a surprise for you! We’ll be running a week-long event, featuring an entire Team selected and voted on by our Community!

Your winner: 🎉 Horror Team! 🎉
An opportunity to go after Mummy Ralph and the rest of the Horror team.

Bonus: Samurai and Shooter Teams!
This is our first Community Event in a while, so we are celebrating by featuring additional teams.

Extra Bonus: Petunia Pig and Lola Reworks!
A 2022 initiative to bring our original toons to the modern era kicks off with Petunia and Lola!

Event Highlights

  • A Black Ticket Wheel will reward some toons from all 9 teams featured in the Community Vote
  • Extra Challenge Chapter unlocks on Day 5, with bonus Tune Up materials for Mummy Ralph

Look out for the mid-week patch notes for details on Petunia’s and Lola’s reworks and see you on Friday to celebrate this bigger-than-ever Community Event!

Bunny O’Hare Event: St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

This will be your first chance to experience the new 2-week format, along with its accompanying Battle Pass and featuring a new toon, Bunny O’Hare, to celebrate the spirit of St. Patrick’s.

Bunny O’Hare is a Legendary Attacker, joining the Holiday theme. He is extremely adept at buffing any team member, with an equally theme-agnostic Leadership skill. Look out for his full kit reveal soon. ☘️

Featured toons

  • O’Pat
  • O’Mike
  • Yokai Taz
  • Revenant Road Runner
  • Rocket Sylvester
  • Monster Tweety

We’ll be looking forward to your feedback during this event, so that we can iterate and make Seasons 2+ better.

Path to Legendary

Path to Legendary events are here to stay!

Starting the week of March 1, Path to Legendary Campaigns will return on a weekly basis.

Each Legendary toon will be available to earn for a week and will be cycling through a fixed rotation.

Our 11 PTL campaigns will follow this rotation:

  1. Bugs The Brave
  2. QB Daffy
  3. Ronin Canasta
  4. Dread-Pirate Penelope
  5. Monster Tweety
  6. Evil Granny
  7. Super Rabbit
  8. Hippety Hopper
  9. Space-Pharaoh Marvin
  10. King Daffy
  11. Anubis K-9

New PTL Campaigns will be introduced every 4 months, with proper announcements and fanfare.

Path to Legendary campaigns are a great way to unlock Legendary toons – for returning and new players alike. Each PTL has strict character restrictions – its own Feeder team. Browse the right Feeder team from the COLLECTION screen. Collect and rank up all 4 of its members. As your reward, the next time this PTL returns, you will be able to unlock and max rank your Legendary toon!

PTL Feeder teams are widely farmable, hit the FIND button on the ones you need to start prepping for the next time your desired PTL Legendary Campaign returns. Recently released PTLs will continue featuring Event-exclusive toons (ex. Pirates, Wrestlers) so make sure to play those events on their introduction and first reruns. To reinforce this loop, we will no longer be running supplemental events (ex. PTL Quests or PTL Wheels) for Feeder toons.