In the past few months, we’ve been setting the foundations that have allowed us to set a much more stable base for the game that we can build upon in the future. Key among these were allowing for our players to be able to go after what they need, whether it’s Toon pieces or Tune Up materials, without having to wait for a specific window of time to open.

Although we continue to work on our last Economy Update and tweak the amount of Tune Up materials offered in-game, we continue to listen to our community’s feedback throughout the entire process.

We’ve identified 3 key pieces of feedback that we will be looking to address in future patches:

  • Technical Issues: We’re aware that our players suffer from a large number of technical issues, whether on a day-to-day basis or when a new release is pushed out. We’re definitely concerned about these issues and will be prioritizing them.
  • Not enough time to power up new toons: You’ve been letting us know that you feel there is too much pressure to keep up with the new toons each week. Our community has offered us a ton of feedback on this, with great detail and even sample calculations that allowed us to really look into the issue from several perspectives. We’ll be implementing some big changes to try and reach a more enjoyable experience for all.
  • What is next for the game? Share a preview of new gameplay and events coming later this year.

We’ve got some big changes coming that we are finally ready to share, since we now have enough details locked to paint the bigger picture. Today, we are going to talk about our technical roadmap, upcoming event changes, as well as new features.

So, enough yapping and let’s get to the good stuff! Here’s what’s cooking!

Focus on Technical Issues

We’re placing significant effort against resolving a lot of those day-to-day crashes and freezes. More than a third of our engineering efforts will be dedicated to implementing fixes for some of our most recurring issues.

Reduce Crash Rate

The upcoming arrival of our new Idle System which will be replacing the World Map will improve performance for most of our users, as it will significantly reduce the amount of memory required to run the game. Although memory pressure is the biggest culprit for crashes, there are other opportunities for us to improve.

Fix long standing Bugs

In addition to overall crash rate reduction, here are a few long standing bugs we will be addressing with upcoming releases over the next few months:

  • Prevent structures getting locked on certain occasions during Alliance War
  • Preview Gadgets equipped on enemy teams during AW
  • Eliminate higher crash rate in Tower Battles the first day Towers open (Monday, Thursday)
  • Make “Sort Collection by Level” actually sort collection by level
  • Adjust Sort by Rank Up % so that it moves maxed characters to the to bottom
  • Fix Arenas that appear stuck “searching for opponents”
  • No longer reset Daily Goals when leveling up to a new range

Improve Performance

Crashes and bugs are one side (or rather, two) of the equation. The other is performance. How quickly the game loads and how responsive each tap and interaction is. In this category, we are working to:

  • Improve responsiveness for Quests. Our goal is to make claiming completed and unlocking linked quests instant
  • Reduce load times, specifically for getting in and out of Battles
  • Reduce amount of time it takes for game assets to load, so you can start your session faster


These changes will come over multiple updates, starting with version 36.2 next week. Our goal is for each one to be immediately perceivable and an improvement towards your day-to-day play experience. We will be specifically announcing the included fixes with each new release for transparency and looking forward to your feedback.

Events: Introducing Seasons

Ok, this is a big one. To help lessen the pressure on our community, and provide more time to collect the necessary pieces and materials for each new toon, we’re going to be changing the speed at which we release new toons.

So far, we’ve maintained a weekly schedule, with a new toon released each week over a 4-day event along with a Monthly Battle pass that ran independently.

We’ll be moving towards a 2-week schedule and introducing Seasons as a new long-term goal to work towards.

Here’s a graph that will help explain things a bit easier:

New Season Events create a path to unlock and max new toons!

The chart above shows the new Season format, which you can expect to see for the first time on April 1st (no, this is not an April Fools, we promise.) and you can also see a working example for our first Season, including the toons you will be able to obtain as rewards.

Let’s start looking at some details.

New Toon Events

Our events for new toons, noted in the above chart by “Team Toon X”, will feature an all-new format that will last for a full 2 weeks, and allow our players to progress much further in both acquiring and powering up toons, compared to our previous events.

The new events will also be accompanied by their very own Battle Pass, which will both offer more guaranteed progression and other goodies.

Each event will have multiple components – think Campaigns, Quests, Tournaments – starting at different days, making sure new experiences start often, giving you interesting goals and exciting rewards for the full 2-week period.

We’ll be sharing more details on both the new Events and Battle Pass closer to release.

To allow for a more clear progression, we’ll be making an effort to release Toons which are featured in the same team in sequence, allowing you to complete the team without the wait.
In the example above, all featured toons are part of the new “Warrior” team, which will allow you to complete an entire team in a single season.

Season Events

Our brand new Seasons give you something extra to aim for while competing in our Toon Events. 

In addition to a full team, each Season will feature a Season Toon. Play all 4 Toon Events for 8 weeks for a chance to collect this incredible Toon. Season 1 will feature Omega Chungus!

Throughout the Season, you will have the opportunity to complete goals that help you make direct progress towards the Season Toon through independent events.

Just remember: Seasons are a marathon, not a sprint.

Other Changes

With Seasons, we’re also taking time to revise other areas of the game, to make sure they match the new tempo and still feel useful. Specifically, we’ll be taking a look at:

  • Reviewing the Monthly Log-in Calendar: We’ll be looking to adjust the rewards to be more relevant with the running season, instead of granting an old toon each month. Expect more specifics on this closer to release.
  • Updating Loyalty Quests: Loyalty quests will be seeing an overhaul to match the new Seasons tempo.


The inaugural Season starts on April 1st! We will be transitioning to this new pace gradually. Check out the Monthly Calendar post for details about March events.

New Upcoming Features

“Show Biz” to replace the World!

Show Biz is an idle reward feature.

Cast 6 toons to star in your own production, which in turn will generate rewards automatically and over time:

  • Cast any unlocked toon, including Legendary
  • 6x slots at level 50+
  • Rewards will start accumulating automatically. You can collect every few minutes up to 8 hours.
  • Collecting your rewards is super fast. Just tap to collect and move on
  • Rewards depend on the toons you cast. Assign Bugs Bunny to earn Bugs Bunny Character Pieces and Carrots – his unique material – among many other things
  • Increase your rewards by increasing your overall Collection Power. Higher Collection Power increases your Audience Rating Tier. There will be 10 tiers at launch
Increase your Audience Rating for amazing rewards with a single tap

Show Biz replaces the World’s Tasks and as such, will remain a reliable source to farm Character Pieces for unlocked characters. In fact, Show Biz rewards up to 3x more Character Pieces per day, introduces an additional slot and support for Legendaries. And that’s not all, in addition to familiar reward types (CP, Gold, Dynamite and Anvil) Show Biz will also reward Unique Materials for your Cast and Secret Stuff!


Show Biz is getting ready for primetime and coming to a screen near you during the last week of March

Since this is a huge change in the game – namely the removal of World – the rollout will be quite gradual as we verify tech stability metrics. As a result, a small group of randomly selected players will be receiving the new feature earlier than others.

In anticipation of the World’s removal, quests requiring you to task toons will be removed from Daily Goals, Quests and Event or Battle Pass Quests starting next week.

Alliance R&D: New Boss

A gigantic menace is fast approaching the Alliance R&D family of bosses. He is the toughest one.

Along this change, we will be introducing a 10 minute gap between bosses every Monday, to enable some alliance switching.


Breaking out of his box on March 14, 2022.

Epics in Gadget Campaign

The Gadget Campaign will be receiving an update. Acts 7 and 8 will be added, introducing tougher battles rewarding a lot more Rare Gadgets and for the first time Epic Gadgets of our inaugural Set


Acts 7 and 8 will be added to the Gadget Campaign the week of Mar 14, 2022.

Q3 and beyond: Alliance War Update

AW is due for an update! This initiative will span the better part of 2022 and will be introduced in parts. Our overarching vision will enable alliances to make progress by climbing leagues, revitalizes its gameplay with an additional layer of strategy and improves matchmaking along with a series of quality of life improvements that will help with planning and analyzing past data.

We are very excited about this change and as we’ve done in the past, we will be organizing playtests to make sure the game remains fun for our alliances.