A DNA breakthrough sees the return of this Legendary prehistoric bird.

Back from extinction and ready for chaos is Tweetysaurus Rex! 

Grab this Legendary attacker toon while you can to add him to the Prehistoric team.

Event Overview:

  • Duration: Feb 25 – Mar 1
  • Unlock Level: 40
  • 3 Campaigns:
    • Daily Campaign
    • Main Campaign
    • Legendary Campaign
  • Daily Quests
  • Tournament
  • 2 Wheels
  • Featured Toons:
    • Tweetysaurus Rex
    • Roadius Runnerus
    • The Masked Terror
    • The Taz-Maniac
    • Wanderer Lola
    • Sellsword Sylvester
    • Warrior Monk Hector
    • Samurai Sam (Battlepass Toon)
    • Big Chungus (Battlepass Toon)


This event will feature three Campaigns.

Daily Campaign: “Mesozoic Mania”

  • Complete this Campaign daily to also complete the Daily Quest
  • Awards Rex Scales and Tweetysaurus Rex pieces each day.

Main Campaign: “Cretaceous Carnivores”

  • Use the featured team to battle for Tweety Saurus Rex pieces, Rex Scales and Rex Fossils.
  • Rex Scales can be used in special event exchanges.
  • Rex Fossils can be used towards the Fossil Exchange for a chance at unlocking Tweetysaurus Rex.

Legendary Campaign: “Mass Extinction”

  • Bring featured event toons and face the ultimate challenge.
  • Awards Tweetysaurus Rex pieces and Rex feathers.
  • Rex Feathers can be used to spin the Legendary “Feathers Wheel” for GUARANTEED Tweetysaurus Rex pieces.

Event Exchanges

Exchange Rex Fossils for a chance at 300 Tweetysaurus Rex Pieces!150 Rex Fossils1000
14 Roadius Runnerus Pieces300 Rex Scales1000
35 The Masked Terror Pieces300 Rex Scales1000
30 The Taz-Maniac Pieces300 Rex Scales1000
15 Wanderer Lola Pieces300 Rex Scales1000
35 Sellsword Sylvester Pieces300 Rex Scales1000
35 Warrior Monk Hector Pieces300 Rex Scales1000
1 Rex Feather3 Golden Tickets10
1 Rex Feather5 Golden Tickets35
35 Ultimate XP Potions300 Rex Scales1000
30 Roadius Runnerus Pieces10 Crests of Mayhem50
12 Tweetysaurus Rex Pieces30 Crests of Mayhem125


Daily Quests:

  • Complete the Daily Campaign Each Day.
  • Awards Rex Scales and Gold each day, with 5 Rex Feathers as the final reward.

Event Quests:

  • Complete the Campaign, collect Toon Pieces & Materials, and use the Rex Fossil Exchange throughout the event.
  • Awards Toon Pieces, Rex Feathers, Gold Tickets, and more!


The event features 2 Wheels:

  • Ticket Wheel: Requires 3 Golden Tickets to spin and awards a chance to win Roadius Runnerus Pieces and other featured toons.
  • Feather Wheel: Requires 5 Rex Feathers to spin and awards GUARANTEED Tweetysaurus Rex Pieces.


Participate in the tournament by completing event quests, using campaign energy, and collecting toon pieces and materials.

Milestone Rewards

MilestonesPointsTweetysaurus RexRex FossilsGolden TicketGemsBird perchSuperior Dried SkullFine Dried SkullDried SkullUltimate XP PotionUltra XP PotionGold

Tweetysaurus Rex