A cool breeze wafts over the steep, green hills of rice paddies. A small pagoda stands on one of these hills with a spilled can of orange paint at its base. A small tiger sits underneath…wait, is that Penelope?

Celebrating the year of the Tiger, Tigress Penelope arrives to finally complete our Lunar Team, and turn them into a real powerhouse in Alliance Wars.

Built around their own custom Ascension mechanic, this team will slowly build up in power as each of their members ascends, while also building up plenty of buffs and debuffs.

Lunar Petunia will also be receiving a rework to her Lunar Blessing and is now a Passive that triggers at the start of Petunia’s turn, and instead of granting Turn Meter, it heals.

Lunar Blessing: Unless Incapacitated, at the start of this toon’s turn, grant your team 1 of each Stat Up for the rest of battle. If Ascended, Cleanse each team member of a random Debuff, healing them for 45% heal-power.

Tigress Penelope

Lunar Team