Our latest update to the game is now available for both Android and iOS.

Here’s a quick look at the key updates it brings:

New Updates

  • New Sliders: They’re finally available for all! You’ll now be able to move the slider to purchase an offer as many as 50 times with one single button press.
  • Reworked store animations: we improved the optimization of most of our store animations to reduce loading times and make things feel snappier.

Alliance R&D Fixes

  • Alliance R&D rank rewards are now claimable as soon as last week’s event ends.
  • You can now see the Top 3 Alliances in the R&D Leaderboard instead of just the Top 2.
  • Member Scores Tab in R&D no longer fail to load and display Player Names with special characters correctly.

If your auto-updates aren’t enabled, you can head over to your app store of choice to update your device today.