The Year of Tiger is fast approaching, and we’ll be celebrating in style!

We’ll be welcoming back our Lunar toons, just in time for Tigress Penelope to join the party and finally complete the team!

You can also expect Daily Free Rewards, a special Lunar Week questline, and even a Lunar Toro giveaway!

Lunar Week Login Calendar

Each day you log in, you’ll receive a new free reward You’ll have to log in each day to not miss out on the final reward!

Feb 150,000 Gold
Feb 2200 Flower Crowns
Feb 340 Fine Flower Crowns
Feb 415 Superior Flower Crowns
Feb 5100 Secret Stuff
Feb 670 Lunar Petunia pieces
Feb 780 Master Speedy pieces

Lunar Week Quests

Any Lunar Team toon piece collected during Lunar Week will be tallied in our Lunar Week Quests! 

Completing all Lunar Week quests will award you with Cosmic Star 6 for the entire Lunar Team, along with plenty of Flower Crowns, Secret Stuff, Gas Masks, and Gold.

ENCORE! Lunar Toro & Master Speedy

Our first event brings another chance to collect and empower the Legendary Lunar Toro and Epic Master Speedy.

You’ll also get a chance to collect pieces for Lunar Petunia, Fair Lady Melissa, Grand Duke Sylvester, and other Avalooney tunes

New Year, New Cat!

The Year of the Tiger definitely brings good luck, as you’ll finally be able to complete the Lunar Team with the definitely-a-tiger epic attacker Tigress Penelope!

Lunar Toro Giveaway!

Last but not least, we’re also celebrating by giving away 20 Lunar Toros to our community! 

Click on the link here to reach our sweepstake page for a chance to win 300 Lunar Toro pieces!

20 lucky winners will be chosen once the Lunar Week Celebrations have ended, so make sure not to miss out!