Just in time for Valentine’s, an all-new team is here to charm their way to the top: The Heartthrob Team.

Playboy Penguin with his puppy eyes turns the charm all the way up to 11. His passives allow his team to be able to Heal itself each time they attack a charmed foe AND adds 3 Speed Up and Defense Up each time they are over-healed. He also heals himself on each basic attack and applies Heal Over Time to the entire team when taunting. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Next comes the dapper Tux Bugs. This charmer can damage all charmed toons with his basic attack, has the ability to remove Taunt from enemies, and all while healing himself and gaining turn meter each time an enemy is charmed. 

Along with Gentleman Pepe and Cupid Elmer, who will also be getting a small make-over, this team brings together 2 new crushes and 2 old flames, ready to show the true power of love.

Packing a ridiculous amount of healing, and a ton of extra utility for Alliance Wars, this team is bound to break some hearts out there.

[UPDATE] We forgot to mention the effects of Charm:

  • While Charmed, a toon cannot counter attack, has his passive skills disabled and can only use the “Charmed” skill.
  • Using the “Charmed” Skill will have a chance of either damaging your team or healing the toon who charmed.

Heartthrob Team

Playboy Penguin

Tux Bugs