Alliance R&D is an evolution of ACME R&D – some say its true form.

  • Boss Battles are back! Weekly Boss Battles with variations that keep the challenge fresh
  • New Boss Achievements: Tough challenges that change every week
  • A new way to compete with your Alliance! Take down the boss and help your Alliance earn Milestone and climb leaderboard Ranks each week.
  • A new source for Vials! You’ll have a chance to earn more Fine Vials by working together with your Alliance, as well as more Gold than ever before.

At launch, you will face Boss Solid Tin Coyote and the return of Boss Monster Tweety! Each Boss will have 8 Stages, each one representing a higher difficulty level, with Looney being the most difficult challenge you have ever faced!

Alliance R&D lands on the World of Mayhem the week of December 13, with the Boss changing every Monday.

Read more about how Alliance R&D works here

Rewards Breakdown

In addition to Fine Vials, Gold and XP Potions, Alliance R&D rewards will now include 2 new reward categories with exclusive Character Pieces and Gadgets, as well as the chance to increase your rewards from the next Alliance War. Keep reading for the full breakdown:

“More Vials and Gold than you could possibly earn from old R&D per week.”


Our goal is to keep the bulk of R&D economic rewards as an outcome of your individual efforts, so that more players have a chance to earn good rewards.

Alliance R&D Stages

Each Alliance R&D Stage will reward you directly with Gold, Fine Vials and XP potions. However, the real rewards are in the Boss Achievements. 

Boss Achievements

Complete Boss Achievements to earn:

  • More than 2x the Fine Vials per week than previously possible in ACME R&D and more than 1.5x the Gold.
  • NEW! Brand new Superior Vials. Superior Vials can be exchanged for Character Pieces in the updated R&D Store
  • NEW! Common, Rare and Epic Gadgets of Horned Helmet and the brand new Dynamite Arrow that can only be earned from R&D.
R&D EXCLUSIVE! Dynamite Arrow: This toon has +25% Critical Chance. If it’s an Attacker, it also has +10% Critical Damage.
Horned Helmet: At the start of battle, this toon receives 5 Defense Up and Taunt for 2 turns.


Alliance rewards provide the opportunity for your alliance mates to earn bonus R&D energy, as well as sprinkle additional rewards for the alliances that go the extra mile.

Unique to the Alliance R&D Leaderboard, every 2 weeks, compete on the Ranked leaderboard for the chance to multiply your Special Boost Cubes rewards in the following War.


Complete the Milestones to earn R&D Energy, Superior Vials and additional Gadgets.

Leaderboard Ranks 

Alliance R&D comes with a Global Alliance leaderboard. Every week, you get to compete with every other alliance in the game for the highest scores possible in Alliance R&D.

In addition to fame – Top 3 alliances get to see their names at the top of the board – and fortune – in the form of bonus Gold – the Alliance R&D leaderboard will give you an opportunity to increase the rewards you can earn from your next War.

Here’s how it works:

Rank higher on the leaderboard to earn additional Gold. This is straightforward.

The week before a new Alliance War Prep phase starts, the Ranked leaderboard for that Boss will include War Reward Multiplier Tokens. Collect these tokens to multiply the Special Boost Cube rewards in the War starting the following week by up to 250%.

RankGoldWar Rwd Multiplier Token

The War Reward Multiplier Tokens increase Special Boost Cube rewards in all 3 War Maps.

Comments from the Devs

“Our primary goal is to reward active alliances with additional rewards in both alliance game modes (alliance r&d and war). We would like to recognize and reward the additional challenge of engaging in War against top alliances. We feel the game mastery and engagement needed to do well in Alliance R&D translates nicely to performance in War. You will notice that the War Reward Multiplier Tokens don’t vary significantly from the lowest to the highest. This is intentional, in an effort to keep a narrower gap between alliances so that more can remain competitive.”

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