It’s been a while! 

For the past few months, the team has been hard at work reviewing how some of our core events, while also bringing some new features into the game.

We wanted to take some time to share a quick look at some of the new features we’re currently working on and, by popular request, share our list of upcoming team changes we have planned until the end of this year.

NOTE: This list is not exhaustive and does not include information on further upcoming event revisions, as those will continue to evolve based on player feedback. We will continue to offer updates on future event changes as they are implemented in-game.

Alliance War Changes

We are shaking up the War meta that has grown a bit repetitive to create more diversity in the teams we face. The goal is to make war more interesting, more fun and in the process make the outcomes a bit less deterministic, while creating more opportunities for upsets.

The War starting on Nov 3, and wars after that will have the following changes:

  • Each island will now require all 4 toons to be from a specific group of themes, creating a pool of about 30 available toons per island
    • Ex. In War 1, Structures in the City will only allow Outlaw, Explorer, Knight or Magic toons, while Summit will allow Rural, Hero, Divine or Circus
  • The restrictions will change every war, so the combination of War Buff + Toons will be different. This will create opportunities for novel team combinations
  • Not all themes will be available every war. Newly released themes will be included
  • Changes affect the Medium and Large Map. Small Map will remain as is for now

Alliance R&D (WIP Title)

This one has been on the ACME drawing board for a while and we’re excited to finally be able to share it with you all. 

We’re giving the R&D section some much-needed love and a remake. Currently aiming for December 2021, Alliance R&D will be replacing our current R&D mode and will be bringing:

  • Boss Battles are back! Weekly Boss Battles will keep the challenge fresh.
  • A new way to compete with your Alliance! Bringing Alliance leaderboards along with Milestone and Rank rewards each week.
  • A new source for vials! You’ll have a chance to earn more Fine Vials by working together with your Alliance.

We’ll be looking to bring you more details before release, but let’s give a high-level overview so you know what to expect.

Boss Battles

Although our current R&D system attempted to bring something new to the mix by offering challenges that felt a bit more like a “puzzle”, after the challenge was figured out, our community was starting to feel it had become a bit stale and repetitive. With that in mind, our main goal is to offer a new challenge that continues to still feel fresh week after week. 

To help us, we have a bunch of tricks up our sleeve including:

  • Rotating Bosses each week: You already met Boss Monster Tweety, but we’ll be kicking things off with Boss Solid Tin Coyote, with more to come!
  • Branching Boss Fight Stages: Boss fights will offer multiple stages that offer different outcomes depending on your actions.
  • Rotating Scoring Rules: Each week will have a different set of scoring rules which you will have to adapt your tactics towards.
  • Rotating Boss Achievements: An added layer of challenge, which will add specific requirements to the boss fight for bonus rewards and points.
Complete Boss Achievements in-Battle and win to earn bonus rewards and points!

With multiple outcomes for each battle, varying Bosses, and 2 layers of rotating challenges, each week will have a unique flavor to it, ensuring the challenge feels a little bit fresh each week.

Alliance Tournaments

Each member of your alliance will be able to achieve 1 Highscore each week and the sum of all your Alliance Highscores will be ranked in the Alliance Leaderboard each week.

You will have multiple tries each week to achieve the highest score you can, depending on what scoring rules and achievements are available for the Boss of the week. Only your Highest Score will be added to your total Alliance Score.

Your total Alliance Score will then be taken into account each week, allowing you and your fellow alliance members to earn Fine Vials, amongst other rewards, via Ranking and Milestone rewards.

We’re really looking forward to showing off our new Boss Battles in an upcoming Alpha test, so stay tuned for more details soon!

New Store Sliders

Yep, we’ve been listening. We’re finally looking into bringing more sliders to reduce the number of clicks you need to make when claiming rewards. Currently aiming for the start of 2022, you can expect less tap tap and more ca-ching, and more details coming closer to release!

You will be able to move the slider until you reach the offer’s purchase limit or run out of currency. 

The new store sliders will work on any exchange offer in the store, including League Medal offers, Event Currency Offers, Reatomizers, Noval Altars, Gem offers etc. 

Planned Team Changes

Our community has requested a bigger heads-up for our planned team changes, so your wish is our command!

Without giving too much away, here’s the list of planned changes for the end of the year:

Note: This info could be subject to change as it is all work in progress. We’ll keep you updated with more details closer to release.


New Boxer Team: We’re bringing some love to our boxers currently in the athlete team by providing them with their own focused theme and bringing in a new contender.

  • New Epic Attacker No spoilers sorry!
  • Prizefighter Daffy Moving from Athletes to Boxing Team
  • Contender Sylvester Moving from Athletes to Boxing Team
  • Hippety Hopper Moving from Athletes to Boxing Team

New Samurai Team: This will be an all-new theme, giving Samurai Sheepdog the team he deserves. Expect this team to sync well with Samurai Sheepdog’s skill to counter hidden enemies.

  • Samurai Sheepdog Moving from Hero to Samurai Team
  • New Epic Support No spoilers sorry!
  • New Epic Attacker No spoilers sorry!
  • New Epic Attacker No spoilers sorry!


New Show-biz Team: To honor the spirit of show-biz, this reveal does include a look behind the scenes, as we’re finally bringing a fan-favorite: Michigan J Frog!

  • Michigan J Frog New Legendary Defender
  • Show Biz Bugs Moving from Artist to Show-biz Team
  • Show Biz Daffy Moving from Artist to Show-biz Team
  • New Epic Attacker No spoilers sorry!

New Gangster Team: Our community has been theory-crafting around this one for a while, so it’s no longer curtains (or behind them) for this one.

  • Don Henery Moving from Outlaws to Gangsters Team
  • New Epic Support No spoilers sorry!
  • New Epic Defender No spoilers sorry!
  • New Toon still WIP

New Naughty Team: This new team is definitely on the naughty list and will bring some new use to some of our more anti-festive toons.

  • Ghost of Christmas Taz Moving from Holiday to Evil Holiday Team.
  • Gothamer Moving from Holiday to Evil Holiday Team.
  • Scrooge Yosemite Sam Moving from Holiday to Evil Holiday Team.
  • New Epic Defender No spoilers sorry!

New Nice Team: They’re in charge of checking the list twice, and bringing the pain to those on the naughty list while they’re at it. No spoilers this time… but keep an eye on your chimney for our new character, as he might get stuck there.

  • Holiday Bugs Bunny Moving from Holiday to Good Holiday Team. 
  • Reindeer Road Runner Moving from Holiday to Good Holiday Team. 
  • Elf Daffy Duck  Moving from Holiday to Good Holiday Team.
  • New Legendary Attacker No spoilers sorry!

We’ll continue to provide Team Highlight posts in the future (as we did recently with the hunters’ team) that will include more specific details on how each team works together and even provide early previews of toons still in development, so stay tuned!