With the release of Bushwhacker Sam, our Hunters will welcome the Support Toon they’ve been tracking for so long.

Adding him to the mix provides for a very durable team that will come with a ton of lifesteal and a knack to take down enemies with high health pools.

PLUS Major Canasta will be receiving a brand new Alliance War skill in our upcoming patch, which will make the Hunters a team to reckon with during War:

War Season: While this Toon is in battle in Alliance Wars, Hunter Team members have +10% Stats and steal Heal Over Time when they damage an enemy.

Bushwhacker Sam

As a hunter, Sam is unmatched in his knowledge and ability, and is able to lead the rest of his hunting party into uncharted territory tracking the most dangerous prey. That is if his temper doesn’t give his position away.

This new Epic Support brings a ton of utility to your Hunters team. His heal comes with 100% Lifesteal, particularly useful to bolster your unhidden character’s survivability. Flanking Maneuver will also allow you to set up the perfect ambush and deal with those pesky tanks quickly. While hidden he will also slow down your enemies by up to -30% speed.