Our latest addition to the World of Mayhem is just around the corner and we are excited to give you the inside scoop.

Introducing New Gadget Sets with brand new Set abilities:

Horned Helmet: At the start of battle, this toon receives 5 Defense Up and Taunt for 2 turns.

Squeaky Cleaner: At the start of this toon’s turn, Cleanse a random debuff. If it’s a Defender, also remove Stun and Silence once.

The new Gadget Sets can be found in Common, Rare, and in the brand new Epic rarity.

Epic Gadgets

  • Max at Level 16
    • Max Primary stat potential +33% (Rare is +22%)
    • Max Substat potential +18% (Rare is +12%)
  • Start with 2 substats and unlock a 3rd at level 4

How can you get them?

The new Gadget Sets will be introduced in a brand new Gadget Wheel in Regional events, starting Oct 19!