With two brand-new toons rising from the grave this Halloween, we’re also putting together a new Horror Team, bringing together the spookiest characters in Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem in an all-new hair raising (and toon raising) team!

  • Zombie Sam – Legendary (New)
  • Mummy Ralph (New)
  • Vampire Ralph (Moving from Fiends to Horror)
  • Monster Foghorn (Moving from Fiends to Horror)
  • Dr Dawgstein (Moving from Masterminds to Horror)
  • Dr Frankenbeans (Moving from Masterminds to Horror)

For this team, Death is so yesterday and don’t understand what the fuss is all about. They’ve found a way of weaponizing it, so expect a team that will constantly be returning from the grave and gaining more bonuses each time they do so. One of those bonuses is a TON of lifesteal. Seriously, every Toon can apply it or receive it in some way for some crazy sustain. With Mummy Ralph’s and Zombie Sam’s high damage, adding lifesteal to that can be a potent combination. 

On top of their constant revives and lifesteal, keep an eye out for Zombie Sam’s skill Relentless Dead which makes the Horror Team a killer in the Arena. Lastly, check out Zombie Sam’s Leadership skill. It speaks for itself.

Most of these toons didn’t really match well with their respective themes, instead synergizing with the Monster race. Considering this and the sheer thematic match with the Horror theme, they were moved and got buffs to their kits:

UPDATE: Zombie Sam and Mummy Ralph originally had the incorrect “Dog” tag displayed. This has been amended and both have been replaced with the “Monster” tag. The corresponding skill cards have been updated accordingly.

Monster Foghorn

  • Lightning Struck now also has extra Critical Chance and Damage!
    • Deal an undodgeable 140% damage to target enemy with 100% Lifesteal. This attack has +50% Critical Chance and +50% Critical Damage.
  • Bodies-guard now also grants Monster Foghorn some Defense Up
    • Whenever an ally’s health falls below 35%, gain Taunt and 2 Defense Up for 2 turns, granting this toon and that ally Sure Critical.

Ralph the Vampire

  • Snack now scales the amount of stolen Stat Ups
    • Deal 110% damage to target enemy, stealing 3 Stat Up.
  • Bloodlust now also applies Tenacity Down to enemies and grant Debuff Resistance Up to Horror team members
    • Deal 100% damage to all enemies, inflicting each with 3 Tenacity Down for 2 turns.Grant each Horror team member 3 Debuff Resistance Up.
  • Mostly Immortal just had it’s wording slightly updated.
    • Once per battle, when this toon falls below 50% Health, gain Hidden and 3 Heal Over Time for 2 turns.

Dr. Frankenbeans

  • Oust the Intruder now buffs all allies’ Attack and grants Horror team members Critical Chance.
    • Grant all allies +50% Attack until the end of their next turn, and +10% speed for the rest of battle if they are a Monster. Grant Horror team members Sure Critical as well.
  • Mad Science now also heals the Dr. himself for each Monster ally
    • This toon heals for 10% Max Health at the start of it’s turn for each Monster ally on the team. While this toon is in battle, Monster allies heal for 10% Max Health at the start of their turn.
  • It’s Aliiive now grants Speed Up and Hidden if reviving an Horror toon
    • Revive a random ally at 50% Max Health. It becomes a Monster for the rest of battle. If the ally is a Horror toon, grant it 3 Speed Up and Hidden.

Dr. Dawgstein

  • Call Lightning now also grants Speed Up to Dr. Dawgstein
    • Deals an undodgeable 110% damage to the target enemy, gaining Speed Up for 3 turns.
  • Groundshaking Science now also flips enemies’ Buffs
    • Deals 95% damage to all enemies, flipping 2 Buffs on each, and inflicting Stun on a random enemy.
  • Anatomical Knowledge now also heals Horror team members.
    • Cleanse 4 Debuffs from each team member, granting them Sure Critical. Heal Horror team members for 95% heal power.

Zombie Sam (NEW)

Mummy Ralph (NEW)