UPDATE: The New Cap Boosts will be live in-game on September 21st, and the first Champions Arena will be held on the following weekend, starting September 25th.

The most challenging player vs player event is making a return, but with a few new twists!

For those of you who haven’t had the chance to experience it yet, the Champions Arena pits 7 players against each other (instead of the usual 3) to see who will come out on top.

This edition also includes a few changes but here is what you can expect once it arrives in-game next week:

  • 7 Players, with toon exhaustion: this will be the most challenging version yet, as you will be needing 7 different teams (1 Defence, 6 Attack) to complete the arena.
  • 2 attempts per week: The Champions arena will be open both Saturday and Sunday, and you will be able to make a total of 2 attempts per week.
  • Golden Keys required: For each run, you’ll need 5 Golden Keys. Golden Keys will be awarded by earning first place in Basic Arena, starting from Emerald League 5 and above. Note: Any Golden Keys obtained from previous events will be useable in the new Champions Arena.
  • Matching based on League standing: The matchmaking will be based on your current Arena League standing.
  • Champions Arena will not affect your League Standing: matches will not award or remove Arena Masks.
  • 10x the rewards: Each Champions arena will award you with 10x the usual amount of Boost Cubes and Idol Coins that you would earn in a regular arena. And yes, that also includes the arena pass bonus reward.

As you can see the Champions Arena is not for the faint-hearted and will provide the ultimate challenge for our most seasoned players. You’ll need a large and powerful roster of toons to be able to hold your ground and make your claim.

We also know that beating 6 opponents can feel great, but where are the bragging rights?

We got you covered as well!!

Each Champions Arena will be accompanied by its own Champions Arena Tournament.

The tournament will compare the Final Score of both attempts in a leaderboard, offering both milestone and rank rewards for your efforts, which include 2 very special rewards:

  • A new CHAMP title: Whoever manages to rank 1st in the tournament will win the exclusive CHAMP title. But wait! There’s more! Hold the 1st place 2 weeks in a row and your title will upgrade to CHAMP Streak 2. How far does the streak go? Only one way to find out…
  • New Skull Stones: Skull stones are a new currency that you can use in the all-new Regional Skull Altars, that will provide you with cosmic stars for characters from the specified regions.
  • Gems: To top it all off, each rank reward will include varying amounts of gems to accompany your stash of Skull Stones.
Skull Stones will be used in the new Regional Skull Altars

Here’s a quick example of the new Champion Arena Milestone and Rank rewards:

RankSkull StonesGems

Milestone Score
Skull Stones


And last, but not least, we’ll be increasing the Boost Cube level cap (for both Core and Special Cubes) from level 10 to level 13. This will allow you to put all those extra Cubes you’ll be receiving from the 10x Champions Arena rewards to good use. 

Note: For those of you who have already reached max level, you’ll also be able to immediately use all those cubes you’ve been accumulating so far to get an instant boost.