Our latest update is just around the corner and it comes packed with quality of life upgrades, which this time around are focused mainly on Gadgets and improving your ability to jump between different devices, allowing you to play anywhere, anytime.

Let’s have a deeper look at what you can expect:

See Gadgets equipped on yours and the enemy’s toons! The icon indicates that a full set is active while the number indicates the lowest gadget level currently equipped.

Gadget Quality of Life Improvements:

  • Easier to see Gadget info: Updated collection and team select screens to display equipped Gadgets
  • Preview enemy Gadgets: See what gadgets are equipped on your enemy’s toons before you enter battle in the Team Select screen for Brawl, Arena, and War.
  • More recycle filters: Select Gadgets of a specific set when attempting to recycle
  • Gadget Multi-level up: Move the slider to level up a Gadget directly to the desired level.

Account Login Improvements

  • Facebook and Apple Account Saves: In addition to Play Games (Android) and Gamecenter (iOS), you can now log in with Facebook and Apple (iOS only). This will make it easier to recover your account and move from one platform to another
  • Fixed multiple “Disconnected Account” bugs: This will reduce the number of error messages encountered and also reduce progress lost issues.

Other bug fixes:

  • Fixed Alliance Punch In progress bar disappearing when the last player punches in.
  • Fixed Error 2660 when a player would disconnect during an attempted purchase
  • Fixed missing color for Battle Title Banner when battling in Acme R&D and Space Jam stages
  • Adjusted tap and hold gesture to trigger faster and added feedback, to help more players discover this functionality.

We hope these Improvements and Fixes make your day-to-day a bit easier, and if there’s something you would like us to look into for future updates, let us know on Discord!

You can expect these updates to be arriving live and in-game next week.