Batten Down the Hatches! These changes will be added to the game shortly.

Toon Kits


Avast me hearties! There be a new Team on the horizon! This new theme brings Sea Goin’ Sam, Dread Pirate Penelope, Cannoneer Canasta and two upcoming toons together.

Sea Goin’ Sam

  • Price on Yer Head
    • Now requires another Pirate on your team
      • While this toon is in battle and if there’s another Pirate on your team, your team’s attacks cannot be dodged.
  • Cannon Fire
    • No longer triggers when Sea Goin’ Sam is incapacitated
  • Relationships
    • Replaced old relationships with Pirates Friendship and Bugs Bunny Rivalry

Dread Pirate Penelope

  • Cutlass of the Deeps
    • Now grants Turn Meter per Pirate team member
    • Changed extra damage on Bounty
    • Deal 160% to target enemy, gaining 10% Turn Meter for each Pirate on your team. This deals an additional 50% against targets with a Bounty.
  • Off With Yer Head
    • New Legendary skill!
    • Place a Bounty on the enemy with the lowest defense at the start of battle. Pirate team members deal an additional 20% Damage and gain 10% Turn Meter when attacking the Bounty.
  • Relationships
    • Replaced old relationships with Pirates Friendship