We are happy to announce that Endurance Tower has exited Early Access and is launching for all World of Mayhem players.

Endurance Tower is a new PvE mode where players can climb a Tower of increasingly challenging PvE stages to win exclusive toon pieces and Cosmic Stones. The twist here is something called persistence: both the health of your enemies and of your toons will persist between battles. So you’ll have to think strategically and be smart if you want to keep on climbing as high as you can! At the end of each floor, you will be rewarded with a magical Stash, full of hard-earned valuables. 

You can read more in our recent release notes.

Q: Does my progress save on each Tower Set?

A: The progress will reset each time that Tower Set rotates into play. 

Q: How long does each Tower Set run?

A: Each Tower Set will last a week.

Q: Will each different Tower Set have the same toon requirements each time it rotates into play?

 A: Yes.

Q: How many Tower Sets will there be?

A: There should be a few.

Q: What is a Tower Set?

A: Each Tower set has a specific theme and consists of 3 Towers of varying difficulty. Each Tower in the Set has different rewards.

Q: Which Tower should I start with?

A: Start with any of the 3. If you get to the point you are unable to progress, look at one of the other Towers to see if you could make progress there.

Q: Why can’t I repeat previously played battles?

A: The Tower Feature is setup to allow progression by slowly depleting the health of the enemy team which translates better into a forward progression.

Q: I’m stuck on a battle, what do I do now?

A: You can use all the available toons to slowly deplete the health of the enemy to progress or heal your toons. You can start working on another Tower since the persistent health of your toons doesn’t transfer from Tower to Tower.

Q: How does healing my team work?

A: You can only fully heal a toon. Healing does become progressively more expensive. You can heal with either gems or potions but not a combination of the two for one toon. If you don’t have enough potions to heal the toon, you will have to use gems.

Q: Where do I get more healing potions?

A: You can get them from completing a floor, free from the store, or purchased from the store

Q: Why can’t I start the next floor?

A. At the end of each floor, you must collect your stash. If you haven’t collected it, the next floor is still locked.

Q: What does persistent health mean?

A. It means that the toons will keep the health they have at the end of the battle for the next battle. Persistent health is not shared between the 3 Towers in the set. 

Q: What happens if I surrender?

A: Your team will lose 25% of their health. The enemy team will return to the health they had at the beginning of the battle

Q: Why didn’t I get all the rewards for completing the battle?

A: Most of the rewards go to the floor stash. The floor stash for each floor can be collected after completion of the final battle on each floor. You get portals and healing potions immediately.

Q: What are Portals?

A: Portals are the Tower currency. They can be spent in the Portal Store. The store refreshes every 24 hours. The toons are the same toons every day to help you rank up key toons and get over shards for atoms in several regions. The toons will change periodically.

Have any more questions?

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