What’s up, doc?

As we announced in our recent Roadmap of Mayhem post, there are a number of new features and improvements coming to the game. We now have more concrete details about each of these and want to share them with you.

We expect these changes to go live this week


Endurance Tower is a new PvE mode where players can climb a Tower of increasingly challenging PvE stages to win exclusive toon pieces and Cosmic Stones (What are Cosmic Stones you say? Read on)! The twist here is something called persistence: both the health of your enemies and of your toons will persist between battles. So you’ll have to think strategically and be smart if you want to keep on climbing as high as you can! At the end of each floor you will be rewarded with a magical Stash, full of hard earned valuables. 

Rumor has it that the Tower is home to the toughest toons in the World of Mayhem. To conquer it, you will need to master the skills of your toons, plan the order of how to deploy your teams, while harnessing the all-new power of Cosmic Stars.

Can you make it to the top?

The Tower lives in “Events” – previously known as the “Special Campaigns” hub and unlocks at level 25. 

Each Tower consists of 10 floors and allows specific toons. As you make your way through the battles in each floor, some of the rewards earned will flow in the Stash. Clear the floor to unlock it!

Be warned! When your toons lose HP or are knocked out in battle, that state persists for the remaining battles of the Tower. You can heal your toons with Heal Potions (rewarded from some Tower battles) or gems. Heal Potions heal toons completely – even if they have been previously knocked out! 

Your hard earned rewards will include: Featured Toon pieces (The Vampire Tower will feature Vampire Ralph Toon pieces), basic and fine archetype boosters, gold, heal potions, but also Portals and Cosmic Stones. Exchange your Portals in the new Tower store tab for more Toon pieces of your choice!

Speaking of Cosmic Stones…


Take out your telescope and get ready to stargaze – Cosmic Stars are here to take your Toon’s power to the sky!

Parallel to the current progression system, Cosmic Stars will allow you to get an extra amount of Power for your Toons. 
Activate the Nova Altar to earn Cosmic Stars for any toon – a single visit has the potential to skyrocket your power to all new heights! 

There are three types of Altars:

Nova Altar: You will receive 1-7 Cosmic Star Ascensions.

Supernova Altar: Will grant you 4-7 Cosmic Star Ascensions

Hypernova Altar: Will grant you 6-7 Cosmic Star Ascensions only

Every time you spin any Nova Altar, you will get an Ascension for a random Toon (anywhere from 1-7 Stars), whether it’s already unlocked or for the one you’ve wanted for a while! Tap the Nova Altar to see the breakdown chances for each Ascension.

Once you obtain the Ascension, you will get one of the World of Mayhem Toons promoted! Note, it can be any Toon available in the game.

Our toon menu screen with new Cosmic Stars

What are the Ascension Perks?

Cosmic stars are tied to the Star Rank System and will boost the following toon stats: Health, Defense, and Attack

Play the game regularly to collect Cosmic Stones – tasks like completing Daily Goals, “Play from home” Quests as well as climbing the all-new Tower will earn you more Cosmic Stones. 

By completing the tasks mentioned above, you’ll get to spin the Nova Altars around 6-7 times per week for free. Every time you spin these Altars not only will you get an Ascension but you’ll also get some precious Stones back!

By spinning the Nova Altar, you’ll get currency for the Supernova and by spinning the Supernova, you’ll obtain currency for the Hypernova. The more you spin the Nova, the more resources you’ll obtain to get a Cosmic Star for the Toon you desire. 

In addition to Altars, we will also inject another way to get Cosmic Stars for specific toons. A new store tab will offer ascensions for specific toons – spend your Cosmic Stones there to ascend the toon you want! 

Mockup of the direct ascension store – Coming Soon. Visuals and costs subject to change

The direct ascension store is coming with a future update, stay tuned to our blog of mayhem for more details on how it will work.

Ascension Rules

Once you earn the Ascension, you will see it on the Toon collection screen and activating the Ascension is 100% free. Doesn’t cost any gold.

  1. You will not be able to activate an Ascension until a Toon is unlocked
  2. You will not be able to promote a star slot that has no star.
  3. You can only activate an Ascension on a star slot that has a Star or has a Rank up ready to be made.
  4. In the case mentioned above, once you tap on Rank up, you will activate the Rank Up and the Cosmic Star at once.

What about duplicates?

Worry not! No duplicate will be left behind. Every time you get a duplicate ascension, it will be converted to Cosmic Stones, so you can spin the Novas again! In this case, more duplicates = more spins. And, should you get two different Cosmic Stars, the higher will prevail.

For lower and duplicate Cosmic Star number draws, we will always refund some of the Cosmic Stones back to players. Also, when you draw an upgrade, we also refund some of the Cosmic Stones back, but it is based on the last number of Cosmic Stars that toon had. Example: A player has Bugs Bunny with 2 Cosmic Stars, and draws a “7 Cosmic Stars”. We will refund Cosmic Stones based on 2 Cosmic Stars.

Keep in mind that the type and amount of Cosmic Stones refunded is based on the different ways to acquire Cosmic Stars. So a refund for 2 Cosmic Stars, for example, might be different between Altars or direct purchases due to a different conversion rate.

Cosmic Stars unlock at level 38 and will help you out when fighting the final chapters of Marvin’s Invasion and the higher floors of the new Towers!


We’re polishing the World of Mayhem to perfection!

Player feedback is very important for us as we continue bringing new gameplay experiences to the game. As you may know we have been testing new features with a small group of Beta testers. Testing for Endurance Tower has already started and for the first time, we will be expanding testing to a larger group of players through a new phase called Early Access. 

With the aim to improve our quality standards even further, the World of Mayhem team will start introducing different features to small group players, prior to their official release. Players may be introduced to different versions of certain features as we work towards taking Looney Tunes to its best version! 

These specific groups will then play through the new updates, and will help validate that everything is where it needs to be – both from a technical and balancing perspective.

Stay tuned to our looney blog, Discord server and in-game inbox for more information, as well as how to provide feedback if you end up being selected for early access!

UPDATE 22.0 

Direct ascension store

This store tab will only feature Toons that players already own and Cosmic Stars that players need (always +1 based on the current one for that specific toon). Example: if you have Bugs Bunny with 3 Cosmic Stars, Bugs Bunny can only be featured in the store as a 4 Cosmic Stars offer.

This store rotates from time to time, featuring random owned toons. The offers also cost Cosmic Stones, depending on the Cosmic Star number.

To sum it up, we will soon have two main ways to get Cosmic Stars. One is via Altars, where you spend less Cosmic Stones but it requires spinning the wheel, and the other will be via direct offers in the rotation store, where you pay more Cosmic Stones to avoid getting duplicate Cosmic Stars.