What’s up, doc?

In this “Roadmap of Mayhem” post we want to give you a high-level overview of different features and improvements that we are currently working on. These include mainly quality-of-life additions to the game, as well as other features and technical tweaks to make your gameplay even smoother.

You will see all of these coming in the next months (May, June, early July). As we approach release dates, we’ll continue giving you deeper insights on them. But for the time being, off we go!

Disclaimer: the mockups we are adding here are subject to change. An image speaks louder than a thousand words – but they may change in their final stage.

Path to Legendary (ETA: May)

Welcome to some new legendary campaigns! We’re working on offering you guys special chapters that will enable you to get Legendary toon pieces on a more regular basis. Legendary Campaigns will rotate and return on a regular schedule, while the featured toons needed to earn their pieces will remain the same for each Legendary. That way, you will be able to prepare for the Legendary you want to go after!

Roadmap of Mayhem
Path to… Hippety Hopper!

New Push Notifications for Alliance Wars (ETA: May)

We know that trying to keep an alliance efficient is a difficult task, so we want to help with that. So,  we will be injecting some new push notifications that will help keep the whole alliance informed on important Alliance War updates, like phase changes, war energy regeneration and so on.  

Multi XP Level-Up (ETA: May)

This quality-of-life feature will make it easier for you to level up your toons. Instead of tapping the screen until your finger faints, you’ll use a slider to select how many levels you want to use. Nifty!

XP Slider

Multi Campaign Win (ETA: May)

This is another quality-of-life feature to make your life easier. Multi-win allows players to auto-win a battle multiple times with fewer finger taps. This will work for event Campaigns, core PvE and Daily Challenges.


More Roster Filters (ETA: June)

Another highly requested community feature incoming! We’re planning to add more filtering options in our toon collection screen and also when selecting your attackers/defenders. In the future, you’ll be able to sort toons by:

  • Theme: Magic, Mastermind, Explorer, Hero, Rural, Outlaw, etc
  • Archetype: Attacker, Defender, and Support
  • Region: Farm, Town, City, Avalooney, Space, etc
  • Race: Human, Bird, Wolf, Cat, Dog, etc
  • Character: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Granny, Gossamer, etc
  • Availability: locked or unlocked

Team Synergies Indicator  (ETA: June)

Next up, we plan to rework the team select screen when picking your attackers/defenders to spotlight your team and its synergies. We have observed the deep team strategizing and theory crafting that has become more commonplace since the introduction of Alliance Wars and we believe this UI change will help a lot more players start thinking about their team composition as more than the sum of their toons’ individual power. 

Level Cap Increase (ETA: June)

We’re planning to raise our current level cap to 69. Spoiler ahead: we won’t be releasing a new region when this happens. 

Next Step in Toon Evolution (ETA: July)

It’s kind of early to give a hint about this but – well, I guess we just did! We know there are players out there that have some of their toons completely maxed out and this poses different problems.

Because of that, we’re working on a new progression system with exciting possibilities that also incorporates the value of all those extra character pieces you may have been accumulating. More details about this coming #soon.