This wave of changes seeks to lift a handful of toons that were beginning to fall behind and/or facilitate new strategies emerging in the meta. All skill descriptions reflect their final tune-up.

These changes will be live in the following days.

Off we go!

Penelope Couture

  • Sophistication
    • While this toon is in battle, your team has +20% Dodge Chance.

We believe aura-like effects that persist after their toon’s defeat make for unintuitive and un-interactive gameplay, which means we’ll be systematically reworking such skills as time allows. Sophistication can now be removed by defeating Penelope Couture, and in exchange scales 5% higher to +20% Dodge Chance.

  • Eyes On Me
    • Gain Taunt and 3 Defense Up, granting 3 Attack Up to all artist allies for 2 turns.

To promote synergy between artist toons, this skill’s Attack buff to artist allies now begins at its first tune-up and scales higher to 3 Attack Up.

Show Biz Daffy

  • Show Off
    • Deal 110% damage to target enemy with +10% Attack for each artist ally.
  • Fowlbulous
    • Deal 125% damage to target enemy, Stunning them.
  • Stage Envy
    • This toon has +10% Dodge Chance. Whenever a team member dodges, gain 15% Turn Meter.
  • Overacting
    • Whenever a team member attacks a Stunned enemy, grant them Dodge Chance Up and a random Stat Up for 4 turns.

Show Biz Daffy was designed for a different era of World of Mayhem, which makes him prime rework material. Now, as a dedicated member of the artist team, Daffy adds a dodge sub-theme to his Stun package, as well as an outright damage buff on his basic attack that scales with each artist ally.

Speedy Gonzales

  • Mouse Mischief
    • This toon has +25% Dodge Chance and a 50% chance to steal a random non-Taunt buff from each enemy it hits.

Oh, Speedy, our little problem child… This toon’s ability to ignore dodge, paired with his AoE basic attack, has always felt oppressive — even a bit braindead. Now, in exchange for ignore dodge, Speedy has a chance to steal random buffs from each enemy he damages — much like Daffy Hood, but with a wider menu of buffs that includes Heal Over Time and Hidden. This theft also triggers with his extra attack from Suddenly, Speedy, which is just as fun as it sounds. We hope this change gives dodge-based teams a chance to shine while both retaining Speedy’s power level and making him feel a bit more like his character in the cartoons.

Daffy Hood

  • Pick-Pocket
    • This toon steals a random Stat Up or Special Stat Up from each enemy it hits.

Several new stats have been added to the game since Daffy Hood was designed (Piercing, Critical Damage, and Critical Defense), so we updated this skill to include the buff versions of those stats.

Porky Pig

  • Swine Grace
    • Once per turn, whenever a toon heals, this toon grants 2 Speed Up to the ally with the highest Attack.

Instead of targeting a random ally, this skill now intelligently targets the ally with the highest Attack, benefitting toons like Henery Hike and Bat Suit Wile.

Sam Sheepdog

  • Wallop
    • Deal 180% damage to the target enemy, Stunning them.

This skill’s Stun is now guaranteed at all tune-ups, as a 3-turn cooldown deserves.

Road Runner

  • Hurricane
    • Deal 75% damage to all enemies, removing all buffs from each.

We reduced this skill’s warmup from 3 turns to 1, allowing Road Runner to more quickly answer buff-based enemy teams. We expect this to greatly improve his viability.

Santa Bugs

  • Bad Kids
    • Deal 100% damage to target enemy, inflicting Chilly and 2 random Stat Down for 2 turns.

Santa Bugs was designed before the addition of Chilly/Frozen, and since he throws a snowball with his basic attack, we figured it should do what snowballs do and inflict Chilly.

Matador Bugs

  • ¡Ole!
    • At the start of each enemy’s turn, if that toon is Silenced, gain Taunt and 5 Dodge Chance Up until the end of that toon’s turn.

This skill now scales to 5 Dodge Chance Up (100% Dodge Chance) instead of 3 (60%) because setups this involved should guarantee their payoff. We didn’t collapse the 5 Dodge Chance Up into Sure Dodge, for clarity, because that would be theoretically easier to remove, and there should never be a reason to not improve a toon.

Wildcard Wolf

  • 52 Pickup
    • Grant 3 Critical Chance Up to all team members for 3 turns and 3 Critical Chance Down to all enemies for 3 turns, then trigger Draw a Card.

This skill now buffs Wildcard along with his team and scales to a full 3 Critical Chance Down for all enemies instead of 2-3. This wasn’t a particularly…critical…problem we needed to solve — we just kinda love this toon.