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In this occasion, we bring you a strike team and a counter team. Also, don’t forget to check previous editions of these Top Teams posts to get even more ideas for your team compositions.

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Submitted by player Masked Avenger

Recommended Team:


Team Description:

The trick with this team is to use both Bellboys’ “Service” special moves at the start of the battle to kick off a chain of bonus attacks. After that, every attack from Marvin Fudd or Outlaw Sylvester will pull both Bellboys to attack too.

Marvin Fudd’s “Trigger Finger” and Outlaw Sylvester’s “After You” passives both trigger bonus attacks when an enemy is defeated or gains taunt, and will also cause both Bellboys to attack. If you play against enemy teams with lots of defenders, you can have your toons attacking 12 or more times in a single turn!

Some alternatives for Marvin Fudd and Outlaw Sylvester are Speedy Gonzales and Miss Prissy. Prissy gets extra attacks if an enemy hits your taunting Bellboy Gossamer, while Speedy gets an extra attack at the end of every turn.

Submitted by Spleef

Recommended Team:


Team Description:

This group of toons loves to counter! Outback Dawg’s “Wilderness Guide” provides 50% counter chance to your whole team just by being there, and he even buffs his teammates’ attack stat for countering.

Officer Yosemite keeps everyone alive through “Determination”, healing his allies for 20% of their max health when they counter. Grand Duke Sylvester counters plenty anyways, so with his team pumping him up every time he can turn into a killing machine if the opponents dare to attack him.

If his allies are ever in danger, Sam Sheepdog gains turn meter thanks to his “Clock Watcher” passive and leaps in front of the enemies with 2 turns of taunt and guaranteed counters. With Sheepdog’s incredibly bulky stats, Officer Sam will have no problem keeping him at full health while he pummels his foes into a pulp with the constant attack buffs from Outback.

For some other options, Prizefighter Daffy can work in place of either Sam Sheepdog or Grand Duke Sylvester – much like Sheepdog, he gains counter chance when he gains taunt so he can become unstoppable in this team. The only catch is that he needs the enemy defenders to gain taunt first! Foghorn Leghorn can replace Duke if you need some extra protection for Outback and Officer Yosemite at the start of the battle with his “Nest Protector” granting him taunt before anyone takes a turn, and once he’s been hit enough he can pass off the taunting duty to Sheepdog.