What’s up, doc?

We recently launched our version 19.0.0, which brought you several quality-of-life features and performance improvements. Now we want to give you the lowdown on our next big update (that’ll be version 21.0.0), which is slated to arrive next month.

With this update, we are bringing you guys a brand new exciting mode: Endurance Tower! We are also adding a new progression feature, Cosmic Stars. Let’s see briefly what this will be all about!

NOTE: As we approach release dates, we’ll continue giving you deeper insights on them. This is just an early view of everything!


A menacing spire climbs from the dark woods. A tower of seemingly infinite height – stacked magical floors full of challenges and loot await. For a while, we have heard a recurrent community suggestion for a new endurance mode! So we looked around in World of Mayhem and asked ourselves: “wait, isn’t Witch Hazel’s castle a pretty fitting location?”. Ta-daaaaaa, our very own version was born!

Endurance Tower will be a new PvE mode where players will be climbing a Tower of increasingly challenging PvE stages  to win exclusive toon pieces and Cosmic Stones (What are Cosmic Stones you say? Read on)! The twist here is something called exhaustion: both the health of your enemies and of your toons will persist between battles. So you’ll have to think strategically and be smart if you want to keep on climbing that tower! At the end of each floor you will be rewarded with a magical Stash, full of hard earned valuables. 

Rumor has it that the Tower is home to the toughest toons in the World of Mayhem. To conquer it, you will need to master the skills of your toons, plan the order of how to deploy your teams, while harnessing the all new power of Cosmic Stars.

Can you make it to the top?

A very early mockup of this new mode – work in progress and NOT FINAL


Cosmic Stars will be an all new axis of progression for each toon. Activate the Nova Altar to earn Cosmic Stars for any toon – a single visit has the potential to skyrocket your power to all new heights! Cosmic stars are tied to the Star Rank System and will boost the following toon stats: Health, Defense, and Attack

Our toon menu screen with new Cosmic Stars

Play the game regularly to collect Cosmic Stones – typical everyday tasks like completing Daily Goals as well as climbing the all new Tower will earn you more Cosmic Stones. 

You can then use them to activate the Altars for a chance at a high Cosmic Star promotion for a random toon or directly claim the Cosmic Star promotion for the specific toon you want.

Early mockup for our Cosmic Altars (please bear in mind that this is work in progress so final assets and numbers are subject to change)

Stay tuned for more details into how Cosmic Stars work as we draw closer to the 21.0.0 release. Also, Cosmic Stars will enter Beta in the next few weeks.


Surprise, surprise! We’re also planning to make Tasmanian toons taskable. This is something our community has also been quite adamant about – so we are glad we’re delivering it. This change will probably happen BEFORE version 21.0.0 gets released (please note that Legendary Tasmanian toons will NOT be taskable). We’ll keep you updated!

The Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem Team