What’s up, doc?

Our newest release, version 19.0.0, is just around the corner. In this blog post, we wanted to give you the lowdown on everything new coming to World of Mayhem. 

We’re planning to release this update in the next days – so get ready!


In the next update, we are bringing a new team select screen when picking your attackers/defenders to spotlight your team and its synergies and relationships. 

The new team synergies indicator screen (numbers pinpoint to existing synergies while enemies in red pinpoint to enemy relationships in battle)

Team crafting in World of Mayhem is full of possibilities and we wanted to make it easier for players to discover good synergetic teams and nifty team mechanics with their toons. We believe this UI change will help a lot more players start thinking about their team composition as more than the sum of their toons’ individual power. 

The team synergies indicator will be available when attacking teams and also when placing your defenders. It will broadly signal you how many synergies can you accomplish with each toon, offering you extra information on those.

This new system gives more information on active synergies to help you build the best teams


We are adding our new roster filters to our toon selection screens: when choosing your attackers and also your defenders. 

Roster filters added to the defender screen


We will be introducing two extra options in our Settings menu (both outside and inside of battle), which will allow you to toggle between sound effects (aka SFX) and music.

New Music and SFX sliders under the Settings menu


As per our community request, we are also bringing a surrender button very soon. Stuck in a battle that you cannot win? Well, nothing wrong when surrendering then, doc! (It happens to the best of us…). Simply note that giving up the match will count as a defeat!

Sweet, sweet surrender…


We are introducing some improvements on the performance side when moving through the looney World and executing toon tasks. This should make the game snappier for both low-end and high-end devices.  


We have fixed some display issues with certain toons’ animations.

Other minor performance issues have also been fixed.