Wherein many toons change themes, Yosemite Sam gets a mustache wax, and various improvements abound.

In this blog post, we’ll go through all changes that are coming to these toons in the following days.

Themes & Relationships

  • The following toons are now villains:
    • Nasty Canasta
    • Black Knight Sam
    • Witchdoctor Hazel
    • Witch Hazel
  • The following toons are now hunters:
    • Taz
    • Henery Hawk
  • The following toon is now magic:
    • Siegfried Elmer

All toons listed who didn’t already have a friendship skill with their new theme have gained one. Additionally, the following toons have gained new friendship skills:

  • Pepe Le Bard
    • Artist
    • Imperial
  • Speedy Gonzales
    • Outlaw

These changes should facilitate better team-building dynamics between existing and forthcoming toons.

Toon Kits

  • Yosemite Sam (Rework)
    • Shoot ‘Em Up (Basic Attack):
      • Hit target enemy 3x for a total of 110% damage, gaining Critical Chance Up for 2 turns.
    • Blow Out (Activated, 4-turn cooldown)
      • Deals 110% damage to all enemies. This can be a critical hit.
    • Blow My Stack (Passive)
      • Whenever an enemy attacks this toon, reduce Blow Out’s cooldown by 1 and gain 25% Turn Meter.
    • Darn Varmints (Activated, 2-turn cooldown)
      • Grant your team 3 Attack Up and 3 Critical Chance Up for 2 turns, inflicting all rabbit and bird enemies with 3 Critical Defense Down for 2 turns.
    • *NEW* Cantankerous (Passive)
      • This toon has +50% Counter Chance. Whenever it counters, grant all outlaw team members Counter Chance Up.
    • Strength (Archetype Passive)
      • This toon has 30% more Attack.

Yosemite Sam has long been scorned as among the weakest Epics in the game (don’t blame him; he, like many, was designed for a different era), which makes this rework long overdue. Preserving his root-tootin’ belligerence and general skillset, this outlaw now pops off with the best of them, unloading a crittable AoE that burns turns off its cooldown whenever he gets hit. He also comes with passive Counter Chance, sharing it with outlaw team members with each trigger.

  • Witchdoctor Hazel
    • Spirit Tether
      • While this toon is on the battlefield, all villain allies have +20% Attack.
    • Wicked Welcome
      • Gain Taunt and 3 Defense Up for 2 turns, heal for 20% Max Health and Steal up to 4 Defense Up from each enemy.

She ain’t magic no mo’, and the extra Defense Up should add some much-needed durability on villain teams.

  • Black Knight Sam
    • Floating Blade
      • Deal 100% damage to target enemy with +25% Critical Chance for each villain team member on the battlefield.

He ain’t magic no mo’. 

  • Dr. Dawgstein
    • Anatomical Knowledge
      • Cleanse 2 debuffs from each team member (4 if they’re a monster), granting them Sure Critical.

By popular request, Dr. Dawgstein can now heal himself.

  • Cowgirl Granny
    • Payback
      • Heal your team for 130% Attack, granting each member 20% Turn Meter.


  • Settler Granny
    • Secure the Fort
      • Heal your team for 120% Attack, removing 3 buffs from each member.


~ Leopold