Hello everybody!

First of all, thanks a lot for playing our looney events and providing your feedback on each of them via Discord, Reddit and social media. For some weeks we’ve been assessing our event scheduling and cadence and designing changes to improve the overall experience. 

As we move to try new and exciting things into the future, we wanted to give you an overview of some immediate changes coming down our event pipeline. You’ll start seeing them pretty soon!

Main Goals: 

  • Add much more variety to the types of events you will engage with, giving more opportunities to interact more frequently and meaningfully with different parts of the game for rewards.
  • Shortening the length of the major toon collection events to make room for more event types throughout the week.
  • Give much greater access to past rare and epic event toons via re-run events, new events, and store offers.
  • Reward ongoing engagement with legendary toon rewards for consistent event participation throughout the month.


  • We are building a more integrated game where players will engage monthly toward collecting a Legendary toon and will have to participate in all events of that month to get a high-ranking Legendary toon.
  • We are committed to source more toon pieces into the game via events, thanks to more frequent re-runs and the addition of a monthly toon piece store, the ACME Store.
  • We are generally reducing the length of our events (from 7 days to 4 days, on average), as well as increasing event re-runs and Solo Missions. Players should expect more variety in content and rewards sourcing, involving Unique Materials, Archetype Boosters, Golden Tickets, Illudium, XP potions and more.
  • We will run recurring events, such as Weekly Crate Crackers and Weekly Alliance Tournaments.
  • The new ACME Store will allow players to obtain Rare and Epic toons whether they own them or not. For this Store we’ll be having different currencies, obtainable through different means: ACME rockets will be obtained in the Weekly Crate Cracker. ACME Weights will be obtained in the Weekly Event Quests and ACME Magnets will be obtained in the Alliance Tournament. 

Here’s a visual overview of how the new event cadence will look like. Please note that event timing may shift at any given time as we go along:

Event Updates

Overall, we believe these changes are great for a variety of reasons: To start with, we are granting more access to re-runs and chances to get event toons players may have missed in the past. We’re also injecting more agency in choosing what toon pieces players will receive (via the monthly toon piece store). There’ll also be more variety in the content to play on a monthly basis and we’ll be providing rewards for everything players do in World of Mayhem.  

Look out for more event details on our official blog as we start releasing those. Also, don’t forget to keep that feedback coming!

The Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem Team