Hey folks,

Our next update is just around the corner, and we want to give you the lowdown on every change coming to World of Mayhem (with version 16.0.0). This list includes both full releases as well as game balancing changes that we will be applying soon.


The Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem Team


With this new update, we are bringing you the ability to boost all stat types of your toons (Attack, Defense, Health Points, and Speed) for whole regions. Activated boosts benefit every toon in that region and apply across all game modes.

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You can Boost Up every stat 10 times, each time reaching even bigger boosts for all your toons in that particular region, starting at 2% and going all the way up 30%. Boosts are permanent, so once you unlock a new level, you’ll enjoy that boost without end.

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The drill is simple: collect Boost Cubes from Arena battles to power up all major stat types for whole regions. You will also be able to collect Boost Cubes by completing your Daily Goals and Arena Tournament Milestones.

When the update drops, search for the Boost totem icon next to Arena. It will be accessible by players level 35 and above.

Also worth noting, the stat information pannel on your toons’ profile will reflect the boosts you’ve applied to them.

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Dev comments:

With Boosts, we are introducing a whole new way to develop your favorite toons, one that is also very meaningful, with the ability to make every toon in a region a tad stronger!

We are also excited about granting the ability to personalize your toon collection to your playstyle. With different Boost strategies, two Foghorns can now play completely differently, even if they are both Max Rank, Level and Tune Ups. We are looking forward to seeing what squads and configurations you will come up with!


We’ve fixed an issue that was duplicating parts of your Player Profile onto the Player Profiles from other players when tapping on them.

We’ve fixed a refreshing issue that was incorrectly showing Speed as 150 after performing a rank-up or level-up.

Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements have also been applied.