Hey there, loonerinos.

Our next update is just around the corner, and we want to give you the lowdown on every change coming to World of Mayhem. We’re aiming to have this ready by the beginning of next week.


Over the past months, we’ve heard comments from many players who have been frustrated by the amount of random luck that is required to acquire the necessary materials for tuning up their toons. The result of this design was that, as a player, you were brawling and brawling and hoping you got what you needed from crates for tune-ups. All the while, the game continued to deliver materials to you that didn’t have a lot of use for (e.g., Dynamite and Anvils).

This latest update is meant to correct this imbalance and give you more agency to choose which materials you want to collect and decrease randomness in what you receive. You will notice that some tune-up levels will now require more items, but the increased access to materials and reduced randomness will help you level up each toon faster than before. You’ll find that you will have to attack significantly fewer crates to tune up a toon.

Last but not least, we are also lowering the amount of gold required for level-ups, to help ease the gold burden of later stage level-ups.

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In this new system, we’ll be introducing new regional crates for all our looney regions (except Tasmania). These crates will replace our tune-up crates and will contain regional tune-up materials of all rarities plus Gold.

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Please note that these new regional crates will no longer contain Unique Materials, Anvils, and Dynamite. These will be now accessible as follows:

  • Unique Materials → League Shop, in-game events
  • Anvils → League Shop, Daily Goals, Daily Challenges, in-game events
  • Dynamite → Dynamite crate, Daily Challenges, in-game events

Dev Comments: With this change, we are increasing player choice/agency to get the materials they need to tune up toons that they want to tune up. These new crates will indeed have fewer materials in total but players will know which ones they can attack to upgrade their toons.


Players will find a new crate in Brawl, containing Dynamite, Fine Dynamite and Superior Dynamite, in 7 different crate tiers. As mentioned before, you’ll also find Dynamite in Daily Challenges and in-game events.

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Dev Comments: As we apply changes to the tune-up formulas for all toons, we are increasing the importance of Dynamite across different tune-up stages. At the same time, we also want to increase our players’ access to it with the introduction of these crates.


We are also introducing new changes to what we offer in the daily League Store, as follows:

  • We’ll add Unique Materials on rotation for Gold Medals (5 new offers each day)
  • We’ll add Ultimate Potions for Gold Medals
  • We’ll lower the price of Anvils and Fine Anvils
  • We’ll remove Dynamite
  • Toon pieces quantities and costs will remain the same

Dev Comments: We want to make sure players continually see the value in progressing through Leagues. Anvils will always be available in the League Store and you will be able to use your league currencies to directly purchase the Unique Materials you need. Also adding more potions to league store to give you an extra source of potions when you want to level up your toons.


To accommodate this overall overhaul of our looney economy, we’ll also be introducing smaller changes in the following areas:

  • We’ll rebalance all archetype crates (Attacker, Defender and Support), reducing the number of Normal Boosters and increasing the Fine ones.
  • We’ll add Gold to all XP Potion crates.
  • We’ll reduce slightly the number of Gems needed to open crates.
  • We’ll reduce the amount of Gold needed to level up your toons.


With this update, we’ll be changing our toon tune-up recipes, spreading resources and making it so most materials will be used throughout the entire progression.

Dev Comments: Currently, the game continuously offers players materials that are not useful in the late game. On the other hand, late-game players were also facing shortages of earlier tune-up materials. We are changing the tune-up formulas so that all the materials you receive through your time in World of Mayhem are continuously useful rather than building useless inventory.

And that will be all, folks!