Heyo loonerinos,

With our Knight of Knights event, we’ll be introducing other tweaks to existing toons. Please find here all the information for each rework, as well as a list of bug fixes with toons and their skills that were reported by the community in the last few weeks.

Speedy Gonzales

  • Cheddar Bomb (Basic Attack)
    • Duration of Defense Down debuffs reduced from 2 turns to 1 turn.
    • Renamed “Dust Trail.”
  • Andale! Andale!
    • Buff stacks increased from 1-2 to 2, but limited to all allies.
Speedy Gonzales

Speedy felt OP since release for several reasons — too many toon pieces awarded by event milestones, a stat buffs in Arena — but both of these followed an inherent imbalance in his kit: that basic attack was bonkers. Too often it was the only skill worth using. On a toon with such frequent turns, applying multiple stacks of Defense Down on a 2-turn duration led to an AoE spam-fest that snowballed entire teams into the dirt without variety or punishment. Reducing only the debuff’s duration keeps the skill extremely high-value — probably still his best — but no longer disproportionately so.

Further exacerbating Speedy’s damage output was the combination of Speed Up and Turn Meter he granted himself on Andale! Andale! To moderate his turn frequency a bit, we removed the self-buff component of this skill, making it more of a support effect, and increased the number of stacks to compensate. We believe these changes will smooth out Speedy’s pain points without compromising his S-tier status.


NameTypeCooldown, WarmupDescription (at max level)
Dust TrailBasic Attack0Deal 70% damage to all enemies, inflicting 2 Defense Down.
Andale! Andale!On Tap2Grant 2 Attack Up, 2 Defense Up, and 2 Speed Up to all allies for 2 turns. Gain 50% Turn Meter.

Witchdoctor Hazel

  • Soul Nibble (Basic Attack)
    • Lifesteal percentage increased from 30/40/40/50/60 to 40/60/60/80/100.

The new Black Knight Sam deepens the magic team that Witchdoctor began, but in playtesting she needed a bit more sustain to fulfill her duties as a tank. This change should take some pressure off her healer and the DoT curse overhead.

Witchhazel Doctor


NameTypeCooldown, WarmupDescription (at max level)
Soul NibbleBasic Attack0Deal 100% damage to target enemy with +100% Lifesteal.

Penelope Couture

  • Catwalk
    • Dodge Chance duration increased from 1 to 2 turns.

This skill was a bit off in that delaying enemy turns with Turn Meter reduction too often made the Dodge Chance on your allies expire before it had a chance to be useful, so we gave it another turn to shine.

Penelope Couture


NameTypeCooldown, WarmupDescription (at max level)
CatwalkOn Tap3Remove 30% Turn Meter from all enemies, granting 2 Dodge Chance Up to all allies for 2 turns.


  • Fixed a bug that caused a number of AoE skills to deal critical hits.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented toons from dodging Treasure Hunter Tweety’s Rolling Boulder skill.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Pepe Le Pew’s skill L’Amour from seeing all Penelope toons.
  • Fixed a bug where Chauffeur Porky’s Pile Up Skill was not applying extra damage on targets with full health.
  • Fixed a bug where Space Cadet’s Heroism could be triggered by his own health dropping.
  • Fixed a bug where Rocket Sylvester’s Fur Bros was not activating in the right conditions.
  • Fixed a bug where Elmer Fudd’s Pwotector Stance was Taunting for an incorrect amount of time.
  • Fixed a bug where Hector’s Brawler was not activating at match start.
  • Fixed a bug where Mountie Elmer’s Gwandstand was not granting Turn Meter.
  • Added a missing animation to Astronaut Hector’s Reductor Cannon.