Toonsters, a new season is all set to start. Read through the blog for all the info


  • 4 week season
  • 4 new toons (3 event toons + 1 BP toon)
  • We’re also going to have a new limited edition gadget event during this season. 

Season Format

New Toons!

Squire Sylvester Jr (Legendary, Support, Avalooney, Knight)

Available: 5/23/24 – 5/30/24

Featured Toons

Foghorn the InvincibleDorlock Holmes (No exchange)
Marvin the MarvelousLunar Petunia
Sylvester the BrashMaster Speedy
Bugs the BraveLunar Toro
Elmer the SureTigress Penelope
Tweety the TwueLunar Lola
Black Knight SamLunar Bugs
Jalopy SamLunar Dragonhorn (No exchange)
Hot Rod RalphKing Daffy
Monster Truck YosemiteKing Bugs Bunny
F1 Cecil (No exchange)Royal Page Coyote
Joe MondayHandmaiden Granny
Inspector Eggbert (No exchange)Queen Lola
Mr. Watkins (No exchange)

Gendarme Pepe (Epic, Support, WB Studios, Pandemonium Patrol)

Available: 5/30/24 – 6/6/24

Featured Toons:

Tattletale Tweety (No exchange)Black Knight Sam
Officer Sheepdog (No exchange)Tazinsky
General PandemoniumDaffy Miranda
Pianist DaffyJester Bugs
Mr. BugsZoot Suit Daffy
Kitty KettyFlamenco Prissy
Sylvester SlaszloGabby Goat
Toreador SpeedyVintage Porky
Picador Sylvester Jr.Pinky
ToroPicnic Petunia
Matador BugsBugs Bunny (Bonus)
Ronin CanastaPepe Le Pew (Bonus)
The Pig KahunaDaffy Duck (Bonus)
Witchdoctor HazelYosemite Sam (Bonus)
Witch HazelSylvester (Bonus)
Devil DogTweety (Bonus)

Dodo, in Wackincolour (Epic, Support, Tasmania, Tasmaniacs)

Available: 6/6/24 – 6/13/24

Art & featured toons of this toon will be communicated at a later date. 

Cosmic Campaign

We are going to have the 7 day Cosmic Campaign during Season 28. It is scheduled to be held from 6/13/24 – 6/20/24

Limited Edition Gadget Event

We are also going to have a new limited edition gadget event. This is going to be a 4 day event & it starts on 6/17/24. 

More info will be communicated about this event at a later date. 

Battle Pass

Tattletale Tweety (Legendary, Attacker, WB Studios, Pandemonium Patrol)

Available: 5/27/24 – 6/24/24