Hello Toonsters,

Back in April we announced we would be expanding the theme options for regional towers starting on Map 3. However, when taking a closer look at our restrictions, we realized how much the game has changed since they were first introduced — teams got introduced, old toons got moved into new teams, existing teams got reworked. The current restrictions, and the logic that went behind building them, no longer apply to the current state of the game, which isn’t something that could be fixed by simply adding more themes to each restriction.

As such, we decided to completely revamp all the restrictions, better curating them for more interesting and diverse defenses, based on clearer and more up-to-date guidelines. While we are announcing the new restrictions right now, given the size of the changes, we also decided to push them to Map 6, beginning in June, so you have more time to prepare and strategize.

Keeping in mind these adjustments are subject to change, this is what we’re currently planning to do:

While not hard and fast rules, these are the general guidelines we used for these, and will try to adhere to moving forward:

  • Good balance of strong Defensive teams in every region
  • Keep the amount of teams available for each region similar
  • Each team shows up 3 times throughout all Maps, never repeating the Region
    • Exception here is Farmers and Scouts, which appear in every Map to better allow newer players to participate in wars, as well as everyone to fill in defenses in a pinch
  • Avoid teams synergizing TOO well with regional buffs. We want strong defenses, but certain combinations are too much
  • Avoid mixing multiple strong standalone toons in the same region