Introducing Inspector Eggbert – the pocket-sized sleuth with an oversized defense and a bag full of Looney gadgets! This auto-taunting dynamo not only counters attacks but also showers foes with AOE debuffs on his zany basic attacks. With powerful debuffs that call for assists, this pint-sized detective ensures chaos is on his side. Join Inspector Eggbert and his crazy ideas in solving cases – because in the world of Looney Tunes, mysteries are just another wacky adventure!

Below, find the details about this Epic 7-day Event!

  • Event Token: Questing Scroll(Seasonal Token), Dashing Mustache Energy (Special Event Energy)
  • Event Energy: Event Energy

Featured Toons:

Inspector EggbertDesperado Dawg
Joe MondayCountess Penelope
Major CanastaGrand Dukeling Sylvester Jr.
Contraptionist EggheadGrand Duke Sylvester
Outback DawgFair Lady Melissa
Bushwhacker SamChamberlain Porky
Lunar DragonhornMagus Mallard Daffy
Lunar LolaShapeshifter Melissa
Lunar BugsPorky the Giant Killer
Tigress PenelopeMichigan J. Bard
Master SpeedyBugs Bunny (Bonus)
Lunar PetuniaTaz (Bonus)
Lunar ToroGranny (Bonus)
Hawk With No NameSam Sheepdog (Bonus)
Undertaker Beaky BuzzardEgghead Jr. (Bonus)
Queso BanditoHippety Hopper (Bonus)
Yosemite Sam

Overall Structure

Collect Dashing Mustache Energy and Event Energy from Milestones and Daily Campaigns to play through the “Small Town, Big Discovery” to collect character pieces and Rank-up Inspector Eggbert! Gather even more Dashing Mustache Energy and Star Tokens (exchanged at the end of the season for Cosmic Stars) from the Cosmic Challenge!



Play through the “Small Town, Big Discovery” to collect Inspector Eggbert Pieces & Puzzle Pieces!

Requires: Dashing Mustache Energy. Later acts require ranked-up Inspector Eggbert.


Play through the Daily Campaign to collect Questing Scrolls, Dashing Mustache Energy, and Golden Tickets!

Requires: Event Energy. Later acts require Inspector Eggbert.

Inspector Eggbert requirements will progressively increase as the event progresses. 

Cosmic Challenge

Starts on February 26th. Must be player level 40+.

Fight to complete quests and earn Cosmic Stars from the tournament!

Requires: Event Energy. Ranked up Inspector Eggbert.

BP Extra

Starts on February 26th. Must be player level 40+

Bring this month’s battle pass toons for battle tickets, battle pass points and extra New-toon pieces!

Requires: Event Energy. Michigan J. Bard


Collect Tournament Milestones to earn Big Red Button Energies, Inspector Eggbert Character Pieces, Event Energy, and more!

Collect 1 Inspector’s Cane10000
Collect 1 Inspector Eggbert Toon Piece50
Collect 1 Detective Toon Piece5
Collect 1 Event Token: Questing Scroll1
Complete 1 Wrapper Quest1500
Collect 1 Featured Toon Piece1
Win an Arena Tournament500
3-Star an Arena Battle200
2-Star an Arena Battle100
1-Star an Arena Battle50
Win an Endurance Tower Battle600
Open any Brawl Crate10
Open a Brawl Safe1000
Open a Farm Crate250


Campaign QuestsEarn Dashing Mustache Energy, Featured toon CP, Seasonal tokens, Golden Tickets
Upgrade Inspector EggbertEarn Gems, Golden Tickets, Event Energy, Inspector Eggbert Tune Up Materials
Cosmic Tournament QuestsEarn Puzzle Pieces, Event Energy, Cosmic Stones
Complete Cosmic Challenge StagesEarn Cosmic Star Tokens, Puzzle pieces, and Puzzle Cards; Purchase Cosmic Challenge Pass to increase your rewards
Puzzle Card CollectionPlayers can collect Puzzle Pieces from campaigns & offers to get Puzzle Cards. Once players collect all 5 Puzzle Cards they can exchange their Puzzle Cards for CS7 Yosemite Sam, CS7 Desperado Dawg, CS5 Undertaker Beaky Buzzard & many more items!


WheelSpin withRewardsJACKPOT
Ticket WheelGolden TicketsFeatured Toon Pieces300 – 1000 Legendary Toon Pieces

Event Energy Details

-100 Event Seasonal Energy

-100 Starting Energy

-Recharge 1 energy every 6 minutes

-Refresh Cost: 50 gems (4 times), then 100 gems (4 times), then 200 gems

-Refresh Amount: 100 energy

Offer Store Toon Exchange:

(Rotates each day)

30 Joe Monday pieces300 Questing Scrolls40
20 Major Canasta pieces300 Questing Scrolls40
30 Contraptionist Egghead pieces300 Questing Scrolls40
30 Outback Dawg pieces300 Questing Scrolls40
30 Bushwhacker Sam pieces300 Questing Scrolls40
30 Lunar Lola pieces300 Questing Scrolls40
30 Lunar Bugs pieces300 Questing Scrolls40
30 Tigress Penelope pieces300 Questing Scrolls40
30 Master Speedy pieces300 Questing Scrolls40
30 Lunar Petunia pieces300 Questing Scrolls40
20 Lunar Toro pieces300 Questing Scrolls40
20 Hawk With No Name pieces300 Questing Scrolls40
30 Undertaker Beaky Buzzard pieces300 Questing Scrolls40
30 Queso Bandito pieces300 Questing Scrolls40
30 Yosemite Sam pieces300 Questing Scrolls40
30 Desperado Dawg pieces300 Questing Scrolls40
20 Countess Penelope pieces300 Questing Scrolls40
30 Grand Dukeling Sylvester Jr. pieces300 Questing Scrolls40
30 Grand Duke Sylvester pieces300 Questing Scrolls40
30 Fair Lady Melissa pieces300 Questing Scrolls40
60 Chamberlain Porky pieces300 Questing Scrolls40

That’s all folks!

We hope you are enjoying this season’s events and are looking forward to your feedback as we keep working on providing events that are fun and rewarding every day.