Say hello to Martian Prince Bugs, the craftiest critter this side of the galaxy! With her Looney Tunes charm, she’s a master of mischief and mayhem on the battlefield. Armed with a bag of tricks, she defends her team with style, taunting enemies with a wink and a grin while debuffing them into chaos. Don’t let that royal title fool you—this princess is all about stirring up trouble and evading capture with a twirl of her antennae. So watch out, folks, ’cause when Princess Bugs is in town, it’s bound to be one wild ride!

  • Event Tokens: Martian Princess Bugs token
  • Seasonal Token: Galactic Rings
  • Global Events Energy: Event Energy

Overall Structure

Collect Space Carrots to spin the Martian Princess Bugs Wheel or use the Martian Princess Bugs exchange for guaranteed Martian Princess Bugs character pieces from Campaigns and Rank-up Martian Princess Bugs! Pick up more various toon pieces in the Event Store!

Each day, a new “Daily Chapter” will become available. Later chapters will require ranked-up Martian Princess Bugs. You can win 10 stages per daily chapter each day (whether that’s the first stage 10 times, the 10 stages one time each, or anything in-between). You can also farm previous daily chapters! Challenge yourself to get as far as you can each day, then return to past chapters with your newly ranked-up Martian Princess Bugs to tackle them again! If you do well each day and obtain enough Space Carrots throughout Space Opera Takeover, you can unleash the power of this Legendary toon!

Bring all your Space Opera Takeover takeover toons into the campaign to finish unlocking and rank-up Martian Princess Bugs! Remember, this toon requires 3000 pieces to unlock, but will join your team at 7 stars and ready to cause some cosmic havoc on your enemies!



Play through the Martian Princess Bugs Campaign’s “Sovereign Space Scramble” chapter to collect Seasonal Star Tokens, Space Carrots, Gold, and Martian Princess Bugs Pieces! This chapter exists primarily to obtain extra first-time rewards as you rank up Martian Princess Bugs throughout the event, but you can also farm Galactic Rings here.

You can now experience Martian princess in Chapter 1: Act 1 even if you haven’t yet unlocked her

Requires: Event Energy, ranked-up Martian Princess Bugs


Play through the Daily Chapters to collect Space Carrots, Galactic Rings, and Martian Princess Bugs character pieces!

Requires: Later acts require ranked-up Martian Princess Bugs + Space Opera Takeover toons.

NOTE: Daily chapters and quests change on daily reset (12 AM UTC). The first daily chapter will RESET 6 hours after the event begins.


Win Space Carrots, Star Tokens, Galactic Rings, and more!

Must be player level 40+

Spin the Event’s Golden Ticket Wheel500
Collect 1 Martian Empire and Space Rebel Piece10
Collect 1 Toon Piece (any Legendary toon)2
Collect 1 Toon Piece (any Bugs Bunny)1
Collect 1 Material: Galactic Ring1
Use 100 Event Energy1


Must be player level 20+

Collect ANY Rabbit PiecesEarn Gold, Event Energy, Martian Princess Bugs token, Galactic Rings, and more!
Complete Daily QuestsEarn Martian Princess Bugs Pieces, Martian Princess Bugs token, Space Carrots, and more!


WheelSpin withRewardsJACKPOT
Ticket Wheel3 Golden TicketsHyde Bugs CP200-800 Hyde Bugs pieces
Space Carrots Wheel1000 Space CarrotsMartian Princess Bugs CP1000 – 1500 Martian Princess Bugs CP

Event Energy Details

-100 Event Energy

-100 Starting Energy

-Recharge 1 energy every 6 minutes

-Refresh Cost: 50 gems (4 times), then 100 gems (4 times), then 200 gems

-Refresh Amount: 100 energy

Offers Store

30 Duck Dodgers pieces300 Galactic Rings40
45 Space Cadet pieces300 Galactic Rings40
45 Starseeker Lola pieces300 Galactic Rings40
30 Racketeer Rabbit pieces300 Galactic Rings40
20 GI Bugs pieces300 Galactic Rings40
30 Medic Sam pieces300 Galactic Rings40
30 Commando Daffy pieces300 Galactic Rings40
30 Private Fudd pieces300 Galactic Rings40
20 Super Rabbit pieces300 Galactic Rings40
30 Presto Pig pieces300 Galactic Rings40
30 Iron Mutt pieces300 Galactic Rings40
30 Super Coyote pieces300 Galactic Rings40
30 Flaming Succotash pieces300 Galactic Rings40
30 Omega Chungus pieces300 Galactic Rings40
20 Dark Matter pieces300 Galactic Rings40
30 Toxic Destroyer pieces300 Galactic Rings40
30 Road Rash Sam pieces300 Galactic Rings40
30 Stupor Duck300 Galactic Rings40

That’s all, folks!

We had a super fun time bringing you the Space Opera takeover! We have been very intently reading all your thoughts & feedback. We look forward to bringing you more toon-tastic experiences soon.