Toonsters, Season 20 is close to kicking off, so get ready to enjoy a new & spooky season of Looney Tunes World of Mayhem! 

NOTE: During Season 20 we will be launching 5 new toons (4 event toons + 1 Battle-pass toon). So, Season 20’s Cosmic Campaign will be held during Season 21 using the new 3 day Cosmic Journey format. 

Season 20

New Toons!

Picnic Petunia (Support, Town)

Available: 10/12/23 – 10/19/23

Featured Toons for Picnic Petunia:

Picnic Petunia (No exchange)Kitty Ketty
Vintage Porky (No exchange)Pianist Daffy (No exchange)
Pinky (No exchange)Mr. Bugs
Gabby Goat (No exchange)Sylvester Slaszlo
Issun-Boshi Speedy (No exchange)General Pandemonium
Banshee-Devil (No exchange)Daffy Duck
Baba Yaga Hazel (No exchange)Birthday Suit Tweety
Rainbow Bird Beaky (No exchange)Big Chungus
Master SpeedyHillbilly Hare
Tigress PenelopeBabbit
Lunar BugsCatstello
Lunar LolaFoghorn Leghorn
Lunar ToroTasmanian She-Devil
Lunar PetuniaBugs Bunny

Note: Featured toons are subject to change.

Catcher Castello (Defender, Town)

Available: 10/19/23 – 10/26/23

Featured Toons:

Catcher Catstello (No exchange)Highlander Leghorn
Major League Speedy (No exchange)Angelus Maximus
Pitcher Babbit (No exchange)Roman Legion Sam
Baseball BugsWarrior Princess She-Devil
Pinky (No exchange)El Espectro
Gabby Goat (No exchange)El Relámpago
Picnic Petunia (No exchange)The Masked Terror
Vintage Porky (No exchange)The Taz-Maniac
Dark MatterSolid Tin Coyote
Toxic DestroyerSolid Tin Road Runner
Stupor DuckTweet-o-Tron
Road Rash Sam

Zombie Taz (Attacker, Tasmania)

Available: 10/26/23 – 11/02/23

Featured Toons for Zombie Taz will be revealed later. 

Zombie Granny (Support, City)

Available: 11/02/23 – 11/09/23

NOTE: Zombie Granny event may be a 2 week event, exact details will be announced at a later date. 

Featured Toons for Zombie Granny will be announced at a later date.

Battle Pass

The new Battle Pass will begin from 16th October, along with the Halloween Takeover! Battle Pass will be available for 4 weeks. 

Battle Pass Toon: Count Bloodcount (Legendary Defender, Avalooney)

Please note: Event structure is subject to change before release.