Read details about Arena Championship reset schedule and upcoming improvements.

Hello there, Toonsters.

The fourth Arena Championship is coming to its end and a new Championship kicks off on August 29th at 4 pm UTC! Heads up, Basic Arena will take a 24-hour break, while the Reset happens.

Much like the last reset, look forward to receiving End of Championship rewards.

Mask Reset

  • Like last time, players above Emerald 5 will have their Masks get reset back down and be given the chance to claim promotion rewards again

Updates to the Arena Championship:

Coming this Championship:

  • Retry Battles in Arena (coming this week) in case of errors. Similar to Alliance Wars.

Next Championship (Starting in November):

  • Keys for the Champions and Celebration Arenas will no longer stay in the players inventory after the end of the season
  • The access to the normal Arena will have a weekly entry limit, to keep our players closer and improve the matchmaking experience. The initial limit is projected to be 21 entries (weekly), but we will confirm this closer to next season

New Championship Themes

A new list of toons to select from in Arena brings a brand new meta. See the list below

SnowbunnyNaughty List
HearthrobPrison Break
Go KartVintage
Daffy All Stars

New Championship Standalone Toons

Birthday Suit TweetyLunar Lola
Porky PigLunar Bugs
Van WileLola of Liberty
General Pandemonium