Season 18

Attention folks! Get ready to embark on a brand new adventure in Season 18 of Looney Tunes World of Mayhem from this Thursday, August 17th. 

Event Format

  • Complete weekly Season Wrapper Quests to receive Battle Pass Points, Event Energy, and other rewards!
  • Event Energy is the same energy used in previous events.
  • Event Tokens and Star Tokens from Season 17 do not carry over into Season 18.
  • Season 18 events will be available to players starting at level 20! 

Season 18

New Toons!

Banshee-Devil (Epic Attacker, Avalooney)

Available August 17th  – August 24th, 2023

Featured toons for Banshee-Devil event:

Banshee-Devil (No exchange)Lunar Petunia
Issun-Boshi Speedy (No exchange)Witch Hazel
Pepe Le BardRed Riding Rabbit
Thoth Beaky (No exchange)Black Knight Sam
Jester BugsFair Lady Melissa
Bugs the Brave Tweety the Twue
Scarlet PumpernickelDaffy the Braver (No exchange)
Siegfried ElmerTigress Penelope
GossamerAlchemist Frankenbeans
Devil DogLunar Bugs
Super CoyoteMaster Speedy
Marvin the MarvelousFoghorn Leghorn
Lunar LolaDr. Killpatient

Gabby Goat (Epic Attacker, Town)

Available: August 24th – September 7th, 2023

Featured toons for the Gabby Goat event:

Gabby Goat (No exchange)Hare Hunter Porky
Issun-Boshi Speedy (No exchange)Happy Rabbit
Banshee-Devil (No exchange)The Do-Do Bird
Baba Yaga Hazel (No exchange)Toreador Speedy
Egghead the KnowingToro
Alchemist FrankenbeansMatador Bugs
Apprentice HugoFlamenco Prissy
Sea-DevilPicador Sylvester Jr.
Ninja RalphQueen Lola
Hitman CrusherKing Daffy
Space Runner CanastaCaesar Leghorn
Shinobi TweetyKing Bugs Bunny
TazinskyConqueror Taz
Jester BugsCaptain Bligh
Daffy MirandaRoyal Page Coyote
Zoot Suit DaffyHot Rod Ralph
Penelope CoutureJalopy Sam
Dr. Daffy

Rainbow Bird Beaky (Legendary Defender, Tasmania)

Available: August 31st – September 7th, 2023

Featured toons for Rainbow Bird Beaky event will be updated at a later date. 

Pinky Pig (Epic Attacker, Town )

Available: 7th September – 14th September

Battle Pass

Battle Pass will last four weeks, starting on August 21st

Battle Pass Character: Baba Yaga Hazel

Please note: Event structure is subject to change before release.

A word on upcoming toons

With Season 18 we’re finishing up the Folklore, introducing the new Vintage team, and bringing about some more reworks to current toons. The Vintage team in particular is introducing some new stuff as well as repeating a recent experiment that we’d like to talk about.

The Vintage Team

The new Vintage team brings back the black-and-white aesthetics that we debuted during the Wackynvasion, but this time in a more grounded, down-to-earth group. The team itself is composed of some very classic toons, from well before Bugs Bunny was the main character of the series, with 2 of them being brand new Original characters. You already know about one of them, the fan-favorite short-tempered Gabby Goat, but you’ll have to wait to find out who the other new Original is 😉

Mechanically, we tried to capture the teams’ Vintage-ness by building them around old, tried-and-true effects that have been in the game since the olden days: Dodge and Turn-Meter manipulation. Hopefully this will bring old-timers something akin to nostalgia.

Theme Passive

While their skills revolve around old stuff, this team is also bringing something brand new: Gabby Goat debuts a new type of Friendship skill that we’re internally dubbing the Theme Passive, which will be present in all toons that have that theme. The goal with this skill is to highlight what’s special about that particular team, so you can better contextualize their skills, understand what they’re all about, and maybe help you build a team around them.

Taking the Vintage team as an example: as mentioned, they revolve around Dodge and Turn Meter manipulation. As such, their Theme Passive captures both of these in a single skill, and incentivizes you to build a team with those effects in mind:

Note that, while this skill will be present in all upcoming Vintage toons, they do not stack. So when Gabby gets hit for the first time in a battle, you’ll only remove 10% Turn Meter from an enemy, even if you have all 4 Vintage toons (which will be impossible when Gabby releases, but will be feasible once the team is complete).

We will be experimenting with different approaches to the Theme Passive in some of our upcoming new themes, so keep an eye out for them.

Accessible Power

Now for the recent experiment that we’re repeating: the Vintage team will be a team consisting of 4 Epic toons, with no Legendary required to unlock the team’s full power. The first time we did this was with the Prison Break team, but we thought to take this opportunity to make it clear that this is on purpose and to explain the idea and implications of this, so here it goes:

In the future, some of our new teams will consist solely of Epic toons when released. The goal with this approach is to introduce new teams with a lower barrier of entry, allowing more players to experience high-synergy teams without having to fully commit on a Legendary toon.

Power-wise, we’re approaching this team by spreading the power around all team members and relying more on synergy, rather than having a single toon be the focal point of the team’s power. This way we can have a more accessible team without sacrificing their power or utility.

We may still release Legendary toons for these teams further down the road, based on how well these teams are liked by the players and how they end up in the meta, but that is not a guarantee and will not happen close to the team’s release.

So that’s it, that’s where the Prison Break rarities came from, and that’s where the Vintage team is heading as well. We hope you enjoy this approach 😀


This season is also bringing some reworks to old toons!

First off, we couldn’t bring Gabby into the game without giving his pal Porky Pig a well deserved buff. This will be coming to the game around the middle of the season, close to Gabby’s own release.

Also, unrelated to Gabby or any other release this season, we’re introducing reworks to two of our oldest toons: Revenant Road Runner and Gossamer. Could this be a sign of things to come? Who knows? All we can say for now is that they’ll be appearing in the game towards the end of the season.

Porky Pig (OG)

StatOld ValueNew Value
Skill NameOldNew
Pork ChopDeal 100% damage to target enemy, inflicting Attack Down.Deal 100% damage to target enemy, granting all team members Attack Up.
Party CakeHeal your team for 120% heal-power, granting them Heal Over Time for 3 turns.Heal your team for 120% heal-power, granting them Heal Over Time for 3 turns. Cleanse a random Special Stat Down on each team member for each Attack Up they have.
You’re It!Grants 4 Attack Up to 2 random allies for 2 turns.Grant 4 Attack Up to all team members for 2 turns. Gain 30% Turn Meter.
Swine GraceOnce per each of this toon’s turns, whenever a skill heals a toon, grant 2 Speed Up to the ally with the highest Attack.Once per each of this toon’s turns and unless Incapacitated, whenever any toon is healed, grant 2 Speed Up to all team members that lack Taunt.
Sale-SickThis toon has +10% Defense for each Daffy toon on the battlefield.At the start of battle, gain +5% Stats for each Daffy toon on the battlefield. Whenever any Daffy toon is defeated, this toon heals your team for 20% Max Health.

Revenant Road Runner

StatOld ValueNew Value
Skill NameOldNew
Ride the Phantom RailsDeal 110% damage to target enemy, granting a random ally Speed Up.Deal 110% damage to target enemy, granting Speed Up to all team members that lack Taunt.
Ghost Train Runnin’This toon has +10% Dodge Chance for each Critical Chance Up on it and +30% Critical Chance.Unchanged
Rattling PassageGain Critical Chance Up, then deal 120% damage to target enemy. If it’s a Critical Hit, gain Dodge Chance Up for 2 turns.Gain Critical Damage Up, then deal 120% damage to target enemy with +15% Critical Damage for each Fiend ally.
Ticket to GlideWhile this toon is in battle, Monster allies have +10% Speed.While this toon is in battle, Monster allies have +10% Speed and +10% Critical Hit Chance.
Toot TootGrant your team 3 Attack Up and 3 Critical Chance Up for 2 turns, inflicting all enemies with 3 Counter Chance Down for 2 turns.Grant your team 3 Attack Up and 3 Critical Chance Up for 2 turns, inflicting all enemies with 3 Counter Chance Down for 2 turns. Gain Hidden and 25% Turn Meter.


StatOld ValueNew Value
Skill NameOldNew
Monstrous WhackDeals 100% damage to the target enemy and reduces its Turn Meter by 20%.Deals 100% damage to the target enemy removing 20% Turn Meter. (Description rewrite only)
ScaringDeals 80% damage to the target enemy, reduces its Turn Meter by 30% and gains Taunt.Deals 100% damage to the target enemy, removing 30% Turn Meter. Gain Taunt and 3 Defense Up for 2 turns.
FurryousDeals 70% damage to all enemies and reduces their Turn Meters by 40%.Deal 85% damage to all enemies, removing 40% Turn Meter from each. This can be a Critical Hit.
I Love to Sing-AWhenever this toon receives a Positive Status Effect, it heals itself by 60% heal-power.Whenever this toon receives a Buff or an ally lands a Critical Hit, unless Incapacitated and once per turn, Cleanse a random Stat Down and heal this toon for 60% heal-power.
FuriousityWhenever an ally receives a Negative Status Effect, this toon gains 2 Attack Up and 2 Critical Chance Up.Whenever an ally is inflicted with a Stat Down, this toon gains 2-3 Attack Up and 2-3 Critical Chance Up. If that ally is a Fiend, grant them Attack Up as well.

Restrictions Updates

Finally, here’s how we’re adding Vintage to the Towers’ and Alliance Wars’ restrictions:

  • Tower → Egghead Jr.
  • Alliance War:
    • Map 1 – City
    • Map 2 – Forest