February 24th

Hello, Looneytastics!

A small patch is going out with a bugfix for Carrot Juice, as well as a couple of changes to avoid an infinite loop that came up with Super-Rabbit and Queen Lola.

Bugfixes and other changes

  • Carrot Juice now properly grants Attack Up to Support toons. It’s description has also been updated to make it clear that the healing is based on the Juice holder’s Attack stat.
  • Super-Rabbit’s Flying Punch now has a “Once per turn” clause
    • Because this is a damaging skill with an animation, we decided to cap it at once per turn to avoid loops and to avoid long and spammy battles.
  • Queen Lola’s I Dare Thee now has an internal cap of 5 triggers per turn
    • Because this skill doesn’t impact the flow of battle as much as Flying Punch, we decided to let it trigger multiple times per turn, but capped it at 5 to avoid loops.