Folks of Mayhem,

In this article, you will find the structure and information for the 10th Event Season.

Event Format

  • Complete weekly Season Wrapper Quests to receive Battle Pass Points, Event Energy, and other rewards!
  • Event Energy is the same energy used in previous events.
  • Season 10 events will be available to players starting at level 20!

Season 10

New Toons!

Genie Bugs (Epic Support, Desert)

Available January 6th – January 13th, 2023

Featured toons required for Genie Bugs Event:

Genie BugsSea-Devil
Egghead the KnowingYeti Gossamer
Alchemist FrankenbeansMerlin Sam
Apprentice HugoToreador Speedy
Matador BugsValkyrie Bugs
Picador Sylvester Jr.Siegfried Elmer
Flamenco PrissyLeopold
Giovanni Jones

Demolitionist Sam (Legendary Defender, Summit)

Available: January 13th – January 20th, 2023

Featured toons required for Demolitionist Sam event:

Demolitionist SamMajor Canasta
Sea Goin’ SamContraptionist Egghead
Hare Hunter PorkyHenery Hawk
Happy RabbitOutback Dawg
Dread Pirate PenelopeHenery Horus
Deckswab DawgLola Frostbane
Barrelhawk HeneryHugo
Cannoneer CanastaYeti Gossamer

Lunar Bugs (Epic Attacker, Avalooney)

Available: January 20th – January 27th, 2023

This event will not use the typical “Featured Toons” structure. Expect to bring your favorite Lunar and Rabbit toons!

Battle Pass

Battle Pass will last four weeks, running from January 9, 2023 to February 6, 2023.

Battle Pass Character: Lunar Lola

Be ready to enter this Battle Pass featuring the Epic Lunar Lola, an Attack toon joining the Lunar team!

Please note: Event structure is subject to change before release.

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