Toonsters, welcome to the Season 27 blog. Here’s all you need to know about Season 27


  • Season 27 will start off with the Cosmic Campaign for Season 26 toons
  • Only 2 new toons are being released this season Martian Princess Bugs & Officer Sheepdog
  • Space Opera Takeover which started during Season 26 will end with the completion of Martian Princess Bugs event. 
  • Season 27 has 2 Cosmic Campaigns. From the first one you will be able to Cosmic Stars for Season 26 toons. From the second Cosmic Campaign during Season 27 you can get Cosmic Stars for the toons released during Season 27. 

Season 27

New Toons!

Martian Princess Bugs (Legendary, Defender, Space, Space Rebel)

Available: 5/2/24 – 5/9/24

Featured Toons for this event will be communicated in the event blog. 

Officer Sheepdog (Defender, WB Studios, Pandemonium Patrol)

Available: 5/9/24 – 5/16/24

Art & featured toons will be updated at a later date. 

Cosmic Campaigns

There are going to be 2 Cosmic Campaigns during Season 27. 

Cosmic Campaign – 1

Available: 4/25/24 – 5/2/24

Get CS7 on Season 26’s toons. 

Cosmic Campaign – 2

Available: 5/16/24 – 5/23/24 

Get CS7 on Season 27’s toons. 

Legendary Pass

The Legendary Pass returns in Season 27 featuring Martian Princess Bugs. Players can also get Space Carrots which can be used to get Martian Princess Bugs pieces & CS7 for Martian Princess Bugs. 

The Legendary Pass starts on Monday, 29th April, 2024.