Hello there, loonerinos.

It is December and as promised, Arena Championship is coming to its end and a new Championship kicks off on December 13 at 4 pm UTC!

Following the release of update 41.0, the End-of-Championship experience has been significantly improved. Here’s what’s new:

Updated User Interface

  • Your current league and time left in the Championship is now visible in the Arena hub
  • A proper celebration screen after the reset of the Championship with your rewards and new placement
Preview End-of-Championship Rewards, along with Daily League Payouts and Promotion Rewards
Your current league and time left in the Championship is now visible in the Arena hub

Increased Arena Rewards

  • Arena League Promotion Rewards are now reclaimable. Meaning, you can earn rewards with each promotion as you climb back up
  • Daily League Payouts increased starting at Emerald 5 and cap out at Amethyst 5 at 500 Gems and 460 Boost Cubes per day! As a result, you will earn more per day and no longer lose any daily rewards, when the championship resets
  • Masks per win will be reduced by half to balance run-offs a bit better. It will now take about 55 days to climb to Diamond from Emerald 5 (or two-thirds of the Championship’s duration)

New Championship toons

  • A new list of toons to select from in Arena brings a brand new meta. See the list below
  • [Future Update]: Improved Championship filters and Preview upcoming season’s Champ toons
Merry MenVillain
Sylvester & Sylvester Jr.Anti Hero
NiceBabbit & Catstello
Select from over 100 recent and classic characters available to compete in Arena League!

From Gossamur’s Desk

With update 41.0 we improved the UI of Arena League Championship, in order to communicate the resetting nature of Arena League better. We also upped the rewards so that we can help create aspirational goals for our players that choose to participate and climb each Championship.

The increased daily league payouts, combined with the reclaimable Promotion and End of Championship rewards contribute to a significant increase in both Boost Cubes and Gems earned per Day. We are excited to help our players progress a bit faster against these paths.

What’s Next on the Roadmap? Alliance Wars!

Following the release of the improved Arena Championships, we are focusing again on Alliance Wars. We have been internalizing and leveraging all the feedback we received from the last round of Alpha tests, in order to build the War you will love playing.

The target release window is January 2023, so more information is just around the corner. Here are some highlights to keep you excited until then:

  • New war will keep toon restrictions and different mechanical War Buffs per island, in order to inspire a diverse set of defenses
  • Desired feature improvements like persisting health and new outside-in maps
  • New war maps will be easy to participate in, but very difficult to fully clear, giving new opportunities to have fun for alliances of all proficiency levels
  • Multiple Quality of Life improvements (ex. Sort members by number of attempts, preview score from home screen, resume battle in case of a disconnect, instant map updates to prevent members from attacking the same structure and more)