Welcome back to another LT Patch Notes update! We are getting ready for Tweety’s big birthday and highlighting a few other fixes this week!

The following changes will be live soon. Let’s jump right in!

Toon Kits


  • Base Stats:
StatOld ValueNew Value
  • Skill
Skill NameOld DescriptionNew Description
Get ‘EmInflict Deny Dodge on target enemy, calling an ally to Assist for 150% Attack.Inflict Deny Dodge on target enemy, then call the ally with the highest Attack to Assist for 100% of their Attack.
Warm & FuzzyWhenever an ally Assists, heal that ally for 20% Health.Whenever an ally Assists, unless Incapacitated, Heal that ally and this toon for 20% Max Health. If that ally is a Citizen, Cleanse them of a random Debuff.

For Tweety’s 80th, along with the new Birthday Suit Tweety, we also decided to revisit the Original toon, boosting his stats and adjusting some of his skills.

Warm & Fuzzy received an all-around clear buff with an added self-heal and a conditional Cleanse for Citizens, so Tweety works even better on the House Party team.

And while Get ‘Em’s damage modifier has been lowered, changing the Assist from a Random Ally to always target the Ally with the highest attack should make up for that and make the skill a much more consistent damage dealer.

Bugfixes and other changes

  • Lunar Toro’s Celestial Display now properly grants the buffs it should when Toro is Ascended.
  • Valkyrie BugsCall the Cavalry can no longer be a Critical Hit, as it was always meant to not be.
  • Evil Granny has reviewed her Nemesis List, and Arch Evil now debuffs Supertoons rather than Heroes.