Folks of Mayhem,

In this article, you will find the structure and information for the 6th Event Season.

Event Format

  • Complete weekly Season Wrapper Quests to receive Event Energy and other rewards, plus progress in the Seasonal Tourney!
  • The Seasonal Tourney rewards Cosmic Stars, Cosmic Stones, and more!
  • The Seasonal Tourney is available at player level 40+!
  • Season 6 events will be available to players starting at level 20!

Season 6

The Format of Season 6 remains similar to Season 5. On week 4, a Mystery Event will launch.

New Toons!

Mugsy (Epic Attacker; Gangster)

Available: September 16 to September 23, 2022

Rocky (Epic Attacker; Gangster)

Available: September 23 to September 30, 2022

Hawk With No Name (Legendary Attacker; Outlaw)

Available: September 30 to October 7, 2022

Hawk With No Name is introduced as the leader of the Outlaw team! That means a couple of his teammates will receive updates to their kits and base stats! Look for more info coming soon about changes coming to Yosemite Sam, Desperado Dog, and Queso Bandito!

Mystery Event

The final week of Season 6 will feature an event focusing on previously released toons. More specific information will be released soon on the LT:WOM Blog.

Battle Pass

This season, Battle Pass will also last 4 weeks! The event will run from the 19th of September to the 16th of October, 2022.

Battle Pass: Corner Cat Sylvester Jr

Be ready to enter this month-long Battle Pass featuring the Epic Corner Cat Sylvester Jr, a Support toon joining the Boxer team!

Please note: Event structure is subject to change before release.

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