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Folks of Mayhem,

In this article, you will find the structure and information for the 5th Event Season.

Changes on the Events Format!

  • Use the Season Token (Melted Popsicles) to spin the Season 5 Wheel!
    • The S5 Wheel replaces the Store Exchanges of previous seasons
    • The S5 Wheel will update every week with new rewards
  • The Battle pass will be one month long once again
  • The final S5 Event will be the biggest departure from S4

Season 5 Format

The Format of Season 5 remains similar to Season 4. On week 4 of the season, we will launch a new type of event called Region Master, kicking off with Avalooney!

We will release the following new toons!

Maid Melissa (Legendary Attacker; Merry Men)

Available: August 19 to 27

Toro (Epic Attacker; Bullfighter)

Available: August 27 to September 2

Toreador Speedy (Legendary Attacker; Bullfighter)

Available: September 2 to September 9

As you may have noticed, we will release two new themes: Merry Men &  Bullfighters!

The Merry Men team’s composition will be the following:

  • Maid Melissa (NEW)
  • Scarlet Tweety (NEW)
  • Daffy Hood (UPDATED)
  • Friar Porky (UPDATED)

The Bullfighter team’s composition will be the following:

  • Toreador Speedy (NEW)
  • Toro (NEW)
  • Flamenco Prissy (UPDATED, DUAL TAGGED)
  • Matador Bugs (UPDATED)

Avalooney Master

Use Avalooney toons to earn Character Pieces for any Avalooney toon! Beware, though. Only true Masters of the region will be able to collect every reward.

The following toons will be required to clear every Chapter:

ChapterFinal Team
Chapter 150KNone
Chapter 21MRequired: 7★ Marvin the Marvelous
Required: 7★ Elmer the Sure
Required: 7★ Tweety the Twue
Chapter 31MRequired: 7★ Alchemist Frankenbeans
Required: 7★ Apprentice Hugo
Required: 7★ Merlin Sam
Chapter 41MRequired: 7★ Lunar Petunia
Required: 7★ Tigress Penelope
Required: 7★ Master Speedy
Chapter 51MRequired: 7★ Witch Hazel
Required: 7★ Devil Dog
Required: 7★ Black Knight Sam
Chapter 61MRequired: 7★ Fair Lady Melissa
Required: 7★ Grand Dukeling Sylvester Jr.
Required: 7★ Grand Duke Sylvester
Chapter 71MRequired: 7.7★ Avalooney Toons!

Battle Pass

This season, Battle Pass will also last 4 weeks! The event will run from the 22nd of August to the 18th of September.

Battle Pass: Scarlet Tweety

Be ready to enter this month-long Battle Pass featuring the Epic toon Scarlet Tweety, the last member of the Merry Men team!

We could apply other changes to events’ structure during the season’s development.

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